Andrew M. Colman


Professor Andrew Colman


Professor of Psychology


Qualifications: BA (Combined Studies), BA (Hons, Psychology), MA (Cape Town), PhD (Rhodes), FBPsS, CPsychol, FHEA.

Research interests: I am interested in judgment and decision making in general, especially game theory, experimental games, and cooperative reasoning. I am also interested in the evolution of cooperation and psychometrics.

Research group: Judgment and Decision Making Research Group

Lab: Leicester Judgment and Decision Making Lab

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Recent funding: 2017-18: £205,263 (£246,678 FEC) awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council to Tarrant, C., Colman, A. M., Chattoe-Brown, E., Jenkins, D., Perera, N., & Mehtar, S. to study “Antimicrobial resistance as a social dilemma: Implications for developing interventions to reduce the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for acute medical patients in hospital settings internationally”; 2016–18: £26,039 (£134,293 FEC) awarded by the Leicester Judgment and Decision Making Endowment Fund to Pulford, B. D., Colman, A. M., & Frosch, C. A. to study “Comparisons, Confidence, and Causality in Decision Making”; 2011–16: £100,000 (247,822 FEC) awarded by the Leicester Judgment and Decision Making Endowment Fund to B. D. Pulford & A. M. Colman to study “Coordination, Judgment, and Decision Making”; 2010–12: £125,151 (£151,217 FEC) awarded by the AHRC to N. Gold, A. M. Colman, & B. D. Pulford  for a study of “Framing Effects in Ethical Dilemmas”; 2009–10: £7,272 awarded by the Nuffield Foundation  to A. M. Colman & B. D. Pulford for a study of “Evolution of Cooperation Through Similarity Recognition”. For earlier grants, use the panel on the left.

Selected Recent Publications

Colman, A. M., Pulford, B. D., & Lawrence, C. L. (2014). Explaining strategic coordination: Cognitive hierarchy theory, strong Stackelberg reasoning, and team reasoning. Decision, 1, 35-58.

Colman, A. M., Browning, L., & Pulford, B. D. (2012). Spontaneous similarity discrimination in the evolution of cooperation. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 299, 162-171.

Colman, A. M., Körner, T. W., Musy, O., & Tazdaït, T. (2011). Mutual support in games: Some properties of Berge equilibria. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 55, 166-175.

Colman, A. M., Pulford, B. D., Omtzigt, D., & al-Nowaihi, A. (2010). Learning to cooperate without awareness in multiplayer minimal social situations. Cognitive Psychology, 61, 201-227.

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