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100 Stories of Migration was an ambitious collaborative project that gave students at the University of Leicester’s School of Museum Studies a unique opportunity to devise and deliver an innovative, high profile, large scale, public engagement initiative that set out to enrich and inform public understanding of migration, to counter negative stereotypes of migrants that circulate in the media and to engage the public in debate and dialogue.  The project was developed through a partnership between the Migration Museum Project and the School’s Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG).


Charlie Phillips, Portobello Road, 1970s, courtesy the photographer (www.nickyakehurst.com)
Charlie Phillips, Portobello Road, 1970s, photo © Charlie Phillips (www.nickyakehurst.com)


100 Stories of Migration grew out of a photography competition led by the Migration Museum Project with The Guardian newspaper. A selection of the photographs, from both professional and amateur photographers, took up home in the Museum Studies Building for 8 months between 24 June 2014 - 4 March 2015. The exhibition focused on the stories reflected in these photographs.

We all have our own stories of migration, whether it is the story passed down regarding our family’s heritage or our experiences of interacting with or getting to know new members of our community.  These stories inform our individual views and help shape the public policies and broader social debates around this topic.


women in station100 Stories of Migration pop-up exhibition at Leicester Train Station, 2014. Photo by Kajal Nisha Patel.

A touring exhibition of 100 Stories of Migration was also developed that significantly extended the reach and impact of the exhibition, engaging students and broader public in settings in and beyond the University campus. The exhibition that was seen by several thousand visitors in pop-up shows at Leicester Railway Station, BBC Radio Leicester, and on the University campus.


viewer100 Stories of Migration exhibition installation shot at School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, 2014. Photo by Sarah Plumb.


install100 Stories of Migration exhibition project team installing photographic works at School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, 2014. Photo by Sarah Plumb.

The images in this exhibition presented individual stories of migration across different times and from different places and perspectives.  These were grouped within five interlinking themes:

  • My migration journey explored the reasons people migrate as well as their physical and emotional journeys of migration.
  • How I fit in focused on how migrants and the communities they join perceive their identities.
  • One thing to take with me considered the objects migrants bring with them and their significance.
  • Living in-between explored stories of statelessness and how migrants can be caught in situations in which they need to wait for others to make decisions regarding their future lives.
  • Everyone is welcome raised questions around how migrants feel (or are made to feel) welcome or unwelcome in their new surroundings.

Interview with Lily Ebert.  Thank you to The  Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

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As part of the exhibition, there were also exhibition displays at Leicester Railway Station from 24 June to 20 July 2014; the Charles Wilson Building from 21 July 2014 to 13 February 2015; and the David Wilson Library from 21 July to 12 December 2014.

The exhibition and offsite exhibition displays were enhanced by augmented reality mobile app Blippar. Using the Blippar app on their mobile devices, visitors were able to access – free of charge - additional film material and related information through state-of-the art digital technology.

Use of augmented reality app Blippar on visitor’s smartphone, 2014. Photo by Kajal Nisha Patel.

This exhibition was part of a larger project initiated by the Migration Museum Project. To be involved share your own images and stories of migration by visiting the Migration Museum Project’s flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/groups/100imagesofmigration/


Kajal Nisha Patel, photographer and Emily Miller, Education Officer, Migration Museum Project, Interview. © Migration Museum Project. Thank you to Kajal Nisha Patel.

The exhibit ran from 24 June 2014 - 4 March 2015 in the Museum Studies Building

The School of Museum Studies
The University of Leicester, 19 University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RF

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This exhibition has been developed by PhD students and staff in the School of Museum Studies in partnership with the Migration Museum Project, led by Sarah Plumb with Yon Jai Kim, Wen-Ling Lin, Sipei Lu, Ryan Nutting, Mercy Trent and Professor Richard Sandell. It grows out of discussions between the Migration Museum Project and the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries around the possibilities for collaborating to develop new approaches to engaging audiences in debates around migration and it is hoped that this exhibition will lead to further collaborative experiments.


The School of Museum Studies would like to thank Blippar, Bulb Studios, Cinedigital, East Midlands Oral History Archive, East Midlands Trains, Media Archive for Central England, Duncan McCauley and Motion Print for their expertise and input throughout the 100 Stories of Migration exhibition.


We are also grateful to the following for their support and advice: Bob Ahluwalia, Eleanor Church, Sandra Dudley, Tom Duncan, Lily Ebert, Lola Gazounaud, Stevie-Jade Hardy, Barbara Lloyd, Suzanne MacLeod, Lynnette Matthews, Ather Mirza, Eithne Nightingale, Kajal Nisha Patel, Eric Rosoman, Tracy Simmons and Nick Wood.


100 Stories of Migration has been generously supported by the University of Leicester Research Infrastructure Fund, Teaching Enhancement Project Fund, and College of Arts, Humanities, and Law Development Fund.




















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