Cultural Production and Consumption

The CP&C Research Group brings together scholars interested in processes of cultural production and consumption: how cultural goods, practices and values are constructed, negotiated, contested and promoted by institutions, groups and individuals. With an interest in studying production and consumption 'in the round,' CP&C research is multi-disciplinary and embraces a variety of methodologies. Central concerns include:

  • cultural producers and cultural intermediaries (e.g. in the fields of food and wine)
  • consumer media and spaces (e.g. lifestyle media; advertising; brands)
  • the production and consumption of value and cultural forms (e.g. authenticity; localness; new and obsolete media)
  • consumers and consumer issues
  • cultural policy and regulation.

The group is co-directed by Jennifer Smith Maguire and Natasha Whiteman.

Who We Are:

Jessica Bain, Anna Claydon, Scott DavidsonRoger Dickinson, Qian Sarah GongBarrie GunterPeter LuntJack NewsingerJennifer Smith Maguire, Maria TouriNatasha Whiteman

Jennifer Cole (PhD Student; Graduate Research Assistant), Hyewon Choo (PhD Student), Ben Coles (Associate Member), Helen Goworek (Associate Member)

CP&C Events and Research:

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Cultural Production & Consumption Events

Food/Drink SMEs and the cultural production and consumption of 'local food'

CP&C hosted a College of Social Science research lunch on Friday 21st March in order to bring together those from across the College, and beyond, with an interest in socio-cultural research on food and the question of the meaning and significance of ‘local food.’ Following on from a report on the findings from the ‘What does local food mean to you?’ project, research lunch participants identified shared interests and potential interdisciplinary and impact-oriented research collaborations on food systems, perceptions of locality, and the symbolic nature of food. Based on the discussion, the group is now exploring funding options. Watch this space! If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Jennifer (

Endings: the cultural production and consumption of obsolescence

Obsolescence is a cornerstone of capitalism, and capitalism remains in crisis. It is a theme that invites a consideration of brevity and longevity, endings and beginnings, experiences and practices, while remaining open to a diversity of sites, objects and practices for empirical consideration. Details of the 2014 CP&C Research Event, 'Endings' to come.

Research Talks

Informal research talks that focus on members' current research projects. Feel free to come along—bring your lunch!

Next date: TBC

Location: Bankfield House lecture room (room 0.02, 132 New Walk, Leicester, LE17JA)

Check out our past talks.

Recent Cultural Production & Consumption Research

Group projects:

'What does 'local food' mean to you?' (2012/13)

Building on the 2011/12 group event, 'Thinking with Food', we put our ideas to work! In 2012/13, CP&C carried out a collaborative research project on what local food means: how is local food represented in the marketplace?; what does local food mean to people in their everyday lives? Data collection focused on two local food sites: The Leicester Winter Food Festival and the Leicester Farmers Market. The report of findings was circulated to local groups and organizations involved with local food initiatives, as part of Greener Leicester and the Leicester City Council's Climate Change Programme of Action. See the report here.

Check out our past events.

Member projects:

  • The Cultural Intermediaries Reader, edited by Jennifer Smith Maguire & Julian Matthews and published by Sage (2014).
  • Special issue of the European Journal of Cultural Studies on Cultural Intermediaries, 15 (5), October 2012, edited by Jennifer Smith Maguire & Julian Matthews.
  • packaging of landscapes in cultural artefacts (family photographs, tourism, television drama etc...) [Claydon]
  • food and the media: production, representation, consumption [Dickinson]
  • cultural policy and the creative industries [Newsinger]
  • cultural subsidy and the cuts [Newsinger]
  • wine cultural intermediaries and the construction of provenance [Smith Maguire]
  • territorial brands: the case of champagne [Smith Maguire]
  • ethics of media consumption [Whiteman]
  • lifestyle media and the production and consumption of the value of thrift: a case study of food magazines [Cole]
  • the cultural production and consumption of the fit body in Korea [Choo]

Check out our past projects.

Interested in Doing a PhD?

Members of the research group would be interested in supervising research that considers issues of cultural production and consumption. Please follow the links above to individual members' web pages for a list of potential topics.

Interested in getting involved as a member or associate member?
Please get in touch with Jennifer Smith Maguire (

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