Dr Alison Harvey

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Lecturer in Media and Communication

Deputy Research Director, Media Cultures Cluster

office: 3.05 Bankfield House

Email: ah463@le.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)116 294 4851

Personal details

Since 2014 I have a lecturer within the School of Media, Communication, and Sociology at the University of Leicester.

I am on the Research Management Committee of the 'Refiguring Innovation in Games' project, co-leading on the Higher Education area. I am also an active participant on the Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA) Diversity Committee. Additionally, I am a founding member of the Fourchettes research network for critical methods in technoculture as well as a member of the Fembot collective, the International Association for Media and Communication Research, the International Communication Association, Culture Digitally, the Association of Internet Researchers, the Association for Research in Cultures of Young People, the Canadian Game Studies Association, and the Canadian Communication Association.

I currently review for Games and Culture, the Canadian Game Studies Annual Conference, the International Association for Media and Communication Research, Celebrity Studies, Women’s Studies in Communication, the National Science Foundation, Routledge, Bloomsbury, University of Minnesota Press, European Journal of Cultural Studies, Journal of Gender Studies, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, the Meaningful Play Conference, Information, Communication, and Society, the International Communication Association, the Digital Games Research Association Conference, the Foundations of Digital Games Annual Conference, the Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference, International Journal of Gender, Science, and Technology, eTopiaLoading…Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association, and Eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Studies


Alison Harvey



I lead the following modules:

▪ MS3011 Digital Games and Culture

▪ MS7222 Critical Game Studies

▪ MS7214 Gender Politics in the Contemporary Media

I also contribute to:


▪ MS1002 Topics in Media and Communication

▪ MS1003 Media and Globalization

▪ MS2002 Analysing Communication Processes

▪ MS2004 Creative Audiences

▪ MS2009 New Media and Everyday Life

▪ MS3000 Media and Gender

▪ MS3013 Media and the Body


▪ MS7001 Research Methods and Management I

▪ MS7005 Research Methods and Management II

▪ MS7021 Research Project Design and Execution

▪ MS7042 Research Methods for the Online World

▪ MS7303 New Media Cultures

▪ MS7307 Advertising as Socio-Cultural Form

▪ MS7330 Real World Research

▪ MS7616 Issues in Media and Communication (DL module)



Both my teaching and research are informed by an overarching focus on inclusivity, diversity, democratization, and equity in digital culture. While a great deal of my work considers in particular video games culture and the Internet, what underpins this scholarship is a critical approach to new media informed by feminist analysis, cultural studies, critical technology theory, and media studies. This touches on a range of issues and forms of marginalization in relation to digital culture, and includes the following ongoing project:

Women in Games, Media, and Technology Initiatives and Community Groups

This ongoing work includes interviews, participant-observation, ethnography, and participatory action research on initiatives and organizations intended to get more women in various creative, media. and tech. These are sometimes devised by existing organizations with established missions and sometimes in a grassroots manner by community groups. In this study, we consider a range of theoretical and practical issues related to community organizing for inclusivity and social justice purposes, including questions of immaterial and affective labour, feminisms and anti-feminism, civility and call-out culture, the limits of defining a community, creative leadership, and broader discourses of inclusivity and diversity in game spaces, both online and offline.



Harvey, A. (2015.) Gender, Age, and Digital Games in the Domestic Context. New York: Routledge.

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Non-refereed articles

Harvey, A. (2014.) “Tethered and Wired: Tech-based Communities.” Shameless Magazine: The Tech Issue. *Second author, with Tamara Shepherd, Issue 27, Fall 2014. 4 pages.

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I currently supervise PhD students researching gender performance and selfie production, community norms in virtual worlds, and the tattooed body.

I am also keen to supervise prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to conduct research in the following areas:
▪ Game studies
▪ Internet studies and digital culture
▪ Youth culture and digital media
▪ Feminist and queer theory as well as gender studies

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