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Programme Outline and Benefits

You may already be employed as a trainee actuary within a firm, or be a recent graduate looking to get into the industry, it could be that a career change is your reason for studying this course. Whichever it is, the Actuarial Science programmes at Leicester will provide you with a head start within this lucrative career. The department has a full range of Actuarial Science programmes to enable you to select the method of study most suitable to your personal circumstances You can opt to study full-time on campus for one year or combine work and study by completing the course by distance learning for up to three years.


A career as an actuary is a highly rewarding one both financially and intellectually. Actuaries are problem-solvers; business analysts; consultants and risk assessors, all rolled into one. Your skills will be applied in the worlds of insurance; pensions; healthcare; banking; business management and risk assessment. You will use your mathematical and statistical knowledge and problem-solving skills to help businesses and institutions to evaluate the long-term financial implications of the decisions they make.

Why study at Leicester?

The Actuarial Science programmes at Leicester are accredited by the Faculty and the Institute of Actuaries. By studying one of these courses you can gain the first accredited qualification in the step towards becoming a fully accredited Fellow of the Faculty and the Institute of Actuaries. The Department of Mathematics has a successful history of delivering quality actuarial education.

The University enjoys links with the financial industry and has ensured the course has been developed with the needs of key employers in mind. This means that graduates of the courses will be highly employable.

Accreditation by the Faculty and the Institute of Actuaries

Actuarial ScienceThe University enjoys strong links with the Faculty and the Institute of Actuaries and has developed the programme working closely with them. The Faculty and the Institute of Actuaries has accredited the programme. This means that if you perform sufficiently well (average of 65% or more) within the module assessments you can gain exemption from taking the profession’s current CT 1-8 examinations - the first eight exams towards qualifying as a fellow of the Faculty and the Institute of Actuaries.

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