Alexander Gorban

Professor of Applied Mathematics

 Director of the Mathematical Modelling Centre

phone: +44 (0) 116 223 1433
email: ag153(at)
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Data mining

Online resources:
PCA, SOM and GSOM applet, K-means and K-medoids applet, kNN and Potential energy applet and
Data cartography: Political Atlas of the World (to be continued)

Leicester students win international data analytics competition

Research Interests
Dynamics of systems of physical, chemical and biological kinetics;
Data Mining;
Human adaptation to hard living conditions.

More details: please see link at left.


Workshop "Hilbert's Sixth Problem'', University of Leicester, May 02-04, 2016. The original Hilbert's formulation (in English translation) was: "6. Mathematical Treatment of the Axioms of Physics. ...(continued here)

Preface to the special issue “Model reduction across disciplines” of Math. Model. Nat. Phenom. (Vol. 10, No. 3, 2015, pp. 1–5) dedicated to 60th birthday of A. Gorban, by Guest Editors: G. Fridman, J. Levesley, I. Tyukin, D. Wunsch

Lifetime Achievement Award

MaCKIE-2015, Mathematics in (bio)Chemical Kinetics and Engineering
Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to the research field of (bio)chemical kinetics.

Current grants

Prof A.N. Gorban is the Lead Academic in three Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) grants funded by Innovate UK foundation:

  • KTP009890 between Apical Ltd and the University of Leicester (Visual Intelligence), 2015-2017, Knowledge Base Supervisor Dr I.Y. Tyukin
  • KTP010522 between Visual Management Systems Limited and the University of Leicester (Visual Intelligence), 2017-2019, Knowledge Base Supervisor Dr I.Y. Tyukin.
  • KTP010604 between Dataffirm Limited and the University of Leicester (Mining of Big Text Data), 2017-2019, Knowledge Base Supervisor Dr E.M. Mirkes.

Media reaction on the work about Hilbert Sixth Problem

QuantaMagazine, July 21, 2015 
Famous Fluid Equations Are Incomplete
A 115-year effort to bridge the particle and fluid descriptions of nature has led mathematicians to an unexpected answer.

Press Release in EurecAlert

Press Releases in ScienceDaily:



Selected books

  1. A.N. Gorban and D. Roose (eds.), Coping with Complexity: Model Reduction and Data Analysis,  Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, 75, Springer: Heidelberg – Dordrecht - London -New York, 2011.
  2. A.N. Gorban, B. Kegl, D. Wunsch, A. Zinovyev  (Eds.), Principal Manifolds for Data Visualisation and Dimension Reduction, Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, Vol. 58, Springer, Berlin – Heidelberg – New York, 2007. (ISBN 978-3-540-73749-0)
  3. A.N. Gorban, N.  Kazantzis, I.G. Kevrekidis, H.C. Öttinger, C. Theodoropoulos (eds), Model Reduction and Coarse--Graining Approaches for Multiscale Phenomena, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 2006.
  4. A.N. Gorban, B.M. Kaganovich, S.P. Filippov, A.V. Keiko, V.A. Shamansky, I.A. Shirkalin, Thermodynamic Equilibria and Extrema: Analysis of Attainability Regions and Partial Equilibria, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, 2006.
  5. A.N. Gorban, I.V. Karlin, Invariant Manifolds for Physical and Chemical Kinetics, Lect. Notes Phys. 660, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2005. [Review in Bull. London Math. Soc. 38 (2006) (pdf)] [Review in Zentralblatt Math. (2006) (pdf)] [Abstract(txt)] [Preface-Contents-Introduction(pdf)] [Editorial Reviews (htm)][Authors(gif)] Russian web-site with this book
  6. A.N. Gorban, Singularities of transition processes in dynamical systems: Qualitative theory of critical delays, Electron. J. Diff. Eqns. Monograph 5, 2004, 55 p.
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Selected Papers


  1. A.N. Gorban, I.V. Karlin, Beyond Navier–Stokes equations: capillarity of ideal gas, Contemporary Physics  58(1) (2017), 70-90, DOI:10.1080/00107514.2016.1256123. arXiv e-print
  2. E. Moczko, E.M. Mirkes, C. Ceceres, A.N. Gorban, S. Piletsky, Fluorescence-based assay as a new screening tool for toxic chemicals, Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 33922 (2016)
  3. A.N. Gorban, E.M. Mirkes, A. Zinovyev, Piece-wise quadratic approximations of arbitrary error functions for fast and robust machine learning, Neural Networks 84 (2016), 28-38
  4. E.M. Mirkes, T.J. Coats, J. Levesley, A.N. Gorban, Handling missing data in large healthcare dataset: a case study of unknown trauma outcomes, Computers in Biology and Medicine 75 (2016), 203-216.
  5. A.N. Gorban, T.A. Tyukina, E.V. Smirnova, L.I. Pokidysheva, Evolution of adaptation mechanisms: Adaptation energy, stress, and oscillating death, Journal of Theoretical Biology 405 (2016), 127-139.
  6. A.N. Gorban, I.Yu. Tyukin, D.V. Prokhorov, K.I. Sofeikov, Approximation with random bases: Pro et Contra, Information Sciences 364-365, (2016), 129-145.
  7. A. N. Gorban,·A. Zinovyev, Fast and user-friendly non-linear principal manifold learning by method of elastic maps, in Proceedings DSAA 2015 -- IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Paris; 10/2015.
  8. A.N. Gorban, V.N. Kolokoltsov, Generalized Mass Action Law and Thermodynamics of Nonlinear Markov Processes, Math. Model. Nat. Phenom. Vol. 10, No. 5, 2015, pp. 16–46.
  9. A.N. Gorban, I.Yu. Tyukin, H. Nijmeijer, Further Results on Lyapunov-Like Conditions of Forward Invariance and Boundedness for a Class of Unstable Systems, Proceedings of 53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, December 15-17, 2014. Los Angeles, California, USA, IEEE, 2014, pp. 1557-1562.
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  11. A.N. Gorban, I. Karlin, Hilbert's 6th Problem: exact and approximate hydrodynamic manifolds for kinetic equations, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society,  Vol. 51, Issue 2, 2014, 186-246. arXiv:1310.0406 [math-ph]
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Recent preprints

  1. A.N. Gorban, I.Y. Tyukin, Stochastic Separation Theorems, arXiv:1703.01203 [cs.LG]
  2. E.M. Mirkes, A.N. Gorban, J. Levesley, P.A.S. Elkington, J.A. Whetton, Pseudo-Outcrop Visualization of Borehole Images and Core Scans, arXiv:1702.02633 [physics.geo-ph]
  3. A.N. Gorban, I. Romanenko, R. Burton, I.Y. Tyukin, One-Trial Correction of Legacy AI Systems and Stochastic Separation Theorems, arXiv:1610.00494 [stat.ML]
  4. D.L. Crane, R.L. Davidchack, A.N. Gorban, Minimal cover of high-dimensional chaotic attractors by embedded coherent structures, arXiv:1607.02180 [nlin.CD]
  5. E. Fehrman, A.K. Muhammad, E.M. Mirkes, V. Egan, A.N. Gorban , The Five Factor Model of personality and evaluation of drug consumption risk, arXiv:1506.06297 [stat.AP].
  6. E. M. Mirkes, T. Walsh, E. J. Louis, A. N. Gorban, Long and short range multi-locus QTL interactions in a complex trait of yeast, arXiv:1503.05869 [q-bio.GN]

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