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My research is in representation theory. Representation theory is an ubiquitous area of mathematics relevant to different subjects such as algebra (associative algebras, Lie theory, Langlands program), number theory (automorphic forms), harmonic analysis (Fournier analysis) and geometry (invariant theory).

The focus of my research is on the representation theory of finite dimensional algebras. In particular, I'm interested in cohomology theories, homological algebra, and connections of representation theory to other areas of mathematics.


NEW: Research school 'New trends in representation theory: the impact of cluster theory on representation theory', from 20-24 June 2017, University of Leicester. The research school is supported by the London Mathematical Society, the Clay Mathematical Institute, the Heilbronn Institute and the department of Mathematics at the University of Leicester.  For more information, click hereOrganizers: Karin Baur (Graz) and Sibylle Schroll (Leicester)


Publications and Preprints

  1. Extensions for gentle algebras, (with I. Canakci and D. Pauksztello), preprint.
  2. Brauer graph algebras, Lecture Notes from the CIMPA research school in Mar del Plata, March 2016, arXiv:1612.00061, pdf.
  3. Mapping cones in the bounded derived category of a gentle algebra, (with I. Canakci and D. Pauksztello), arXiv:1609.09688, pdf.
  4. Almost gentle algebras and their trivial extensions, (with E. L. Green), arXiv:1603.03587, pdf.
  5. Brauer configuration algebras: A generalization of Brauer graph algebras, (with E. L. Green), arXiv:1508.03617, pdf.
  6. Extensions in Jacobian Algebras and Cluster Categories of Marked Surfaces, (with I. Canakci), arXiv:1408.2074, pdf.
  7. The Ext algebra of a Brauer graph algebra, (with E.L. Green, R. Taillefer, N. Snashall), to appear in the Journal of Non-Commutative Geometry, (pdf arXiv version)
  8. Special multiserial algebras are quotients of symmetric special multiserial algebras, (with E. L. Green), Journal of Algebra 473 (2017) pp. 397-405, (pdf arXiv version)
  9. Multiserial and special multiserial algebras and their representations, (with E. L. Green), Advances in Mathematics 302 (2016), pp. 1111-1136. (pdf arXiv version)
  10. Trivial extensions of gentle algebras and Brauer graph algebras, Journal of Algebra 444 (2015) pp.183-200, (pdf arXiv version)
  11. The geometry of Brauer graph algebras and cluster mutations, (with R. Marsh), Journal of Algebra, 419, (2014), pp. 141-166, (pdf arXiv version)
  12. Group actions and coverings of Brauer graph algebras (with E.L Green and S. Snashall), Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 56, No. 02, (2014), pp. 439-464, (pdf arXiv version)
  13. A circular order on edge-coloured trees and RNA m-diagrams (with R. Marsh),  Advances in Applied Mathematics, 54,  (2014), pp. 11-26. (pdf arXiv version)
  14. Chebyshev polynomials on symmetric matrices (with K. Erdmann), Journal of Linear Algebra and its Applications, 434, No. 12, (2011), (pdf arXiv version)
  15. Hochschild cohomology and support varieties for tame Hecke algebras (with N. Snashall), Q. J. Math., 62, No. 4, (2011) (pdf arXiv version)
  16. On the Hochschild cohomology of tame Hecke algebras (with K. Erdmann), Arch. Math., 117, No. 2, (2010) (pdf arXiv version)
  17. Rhombus filtrations and Rauzy algebras (with A. Clark and K. Erdmann), Bull. Sci. Math., 133, No. 1, (2009) (pdf arXiv version)
  18. Weight 2 blocks of general linear groups and Alvis-Curtis duality (with K.M. Tan), Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 2007, Art. ID rnm130 (pdf arXiv version)
  19. On decomposition numbers and Alvis-Curtis duality (with B. Ackermann), Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 143, No. 3, (2007) (pdf arXiv version)
  20. Alvis-Curtis duality on q-Schur and Hecke algebras, Q. J. Math. 58, No. 2, (2007).
  21. On Young modules of general linear groups (with K. Erdmann), Journal of Algebra 310, No. 1, (2007).
  22. On the Coxeter complex and Alvis-Curtis duality for principal l-blocks of GLn(q), (with M. Linckelmann), J. Algebra Appl. 4, No. 3 (2005).
  23. A two-sided q-analogue of the Coxeter complex, (with M. Linckelmann), Journal of Algebra 289, No. 1, (2005).


      Current PhD students:

      • Drew Duffield (2013 - )
      • Alex Sierra (2015 - ) (joint supervision with E. Marcos (Sao Paolo))


      Research funding:



      Upcoming and recent talks:

      Conferences and workshops that I have organised:

      1. Workshop on Cluster Algebras and Finite Dimensional Algebras, 3 - 5 June 2015 at the University of Leicester.
      2. Special 63rd BLOC Meeting: Oxford, 17-18 October 2013. This meeting is on the occasion of Karin Erdmann's 65th birthday.
      3. 62th BLOC/REPNET meeting, 10 July 2013, Leicester.
      4. 60th BLOC/ARTIN meeting, satellite meeting to BMC 2013, 25 March 2013, Sheffield.
      5. Workshop on geometry, representation theory and clusters, 21-23 June 2012, Leicester.
      6. 50th BLOC/REPNET meeting, 9-10 September 2010.
      7. 46th BLO/REPNET meeting, 1-2 July 2009, Leicester.

      What's happening at Leicester:



      Support material for MA7602

      • Prerequisites in probability pdf.
      • Law of large numbers and CLT pdf.
      • Linear Regression pdf







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