Katrin Leschke


address: Department of Mathematics 
University of Leicester office
Leicester, LE1 7RH
office: CH203
office hours: see my time table (or sent me an email for an appointment)
phone: +44(0116) 252 5237
email: k.leschke@le.ac.uk


This year, I will be on study leave in the first semester and teach in the second one "Curves and Surfaces".


I'm  Head of Student support (this includes organisation of houses).

I'm a member of DMG, MCP, SSC, LTC, RC, ISET, appeals panels, co-director of the VisLab.

I'm the webmaster of EWM and as such, member of the standing panel of EWM.


Recent Grant

Minimal surfaces
The international network grant

I have been awarded an international network grant  Minimal surface: integrable systems and visualisation by The Leverhulme Trust.




My research interests lie in the field of Differential Geometry; the study of surfaces into 3-space using quaternionic holomorphic maps has immediate connections to classical complex-analytic geometry, visualization and conformal field theory.

Lopez-Ros deformation of the Scherk surface
Lopez-Ros deformation of the Scherk surface


An important tool in my study of surfaces is their visualisation: it allows both to demonstrate a geometric situation and to experiment to obtain new results in surface theory.  Here are links to my picture gallery and to some of my labs. I'm proud that some of my pictures found their way onto the EWM webpage (even though some are unfortunately slightly distorted). Additionally, this allows for interdisciplinary projects with Engineering and Chemistry.



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