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I am an applied mathematician with the main interests in modelling and analysing biological systems. In particular, I explore interactions at the population, community and ecosystem levels and this often involves evolutionarry effects.

From the mathematical point of view the fields of my study include non-linear systems of ordinary, partial and integro-differential equations as well as methods of adaptive dynamics. From the biological point of view, I am interested in modelling and understanding complex ecological systems. This involves modelling animal behaviour, population dynamics as well as evolutionary effects. Topics of current interest are: (i)  biological invasion and biological control; (ii) role of foraging behaviour of animals in population stability and peristance of heterogeneous habitats; (iii) evolution of diseases in foodwebs; (iv) structural sensitivity of biological models with respect to choice of modelling functions; (v) diel vertical migration of aquatic animals (zooplankton).


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International conference

Modelling Biological Evolution 2017: Developing Novel Approaches

(University of Leicester, April 4-7, 2017)


Previous conferences on the modelling biological evolution:

 Modelling Biological Evolution 2015: Linking Mathematical Theories with Empirical Realities


     Modelling Biological Evolution 2013: Recent Progress, Current Challenges and Future Directions












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