Dr Oi Yan Kam

Doctoral Student

Contact Details

Email: ok31@le.ac.uk


First: Professor Emmanuel Haven

Second: Dr Sandra Nolte

Brief Biography

Oi Yan studied for her BA (Hons) Business Economics at Anglia Polytechnic University, and her MSc Economics and Finance at the University of Warwick. She then received an undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Data and System Analysis from the University of Oxford.

Research Interests

Oi Yan’s research interests focus on international business environment and global business opportunities. Other research interests relate to financial unrests.

Conference Papers

Kam, Oi, (forthcoming), “The Trend of Foreign Investment Movement: the Catch up effect”, Rearch in International Business and Finance. 

Kam, Oi and Haven, Emmanuel, (forthcoming), “The Trend of Foreign Investment Movement under Legal-families consideration”, Research in International Business and Finance. 

Kam, Oi, (2013), “Yield Curve Spread for predicting recessions: A tool for anticipation of financial crises”, poster presented at 5th International Finance and Banking Society Conference, University of Nottingham, UK. 

Kam, Oi, (2013), “The trend of Foreign Direct Investment movement under ‘legal-families’ consideration”, paper presented at 40th Annual Conference International Business, hosted by: Academy of International Business: UK and Ireland Chapter, Aston University, UK. 

Kam, Oi, (2012), “A Panel data study of Foreign Direct Investment in developed and developing countries under legal origins consideration”, paper presented at Winter Conference, University of Leicester, UK. 

Kam, Oi, (2011), “The determinants of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): A panel data study of developed and developing countries”, Paper presented at 38th Annual Conference International Business: UK and Ireland Chapter, University of Edinburgh, UK.


  • MBA and MSc Management Studies: MN7536 The electives module in Finance- Distance Learning Programme (Marking)
  • BA Management Studies: MN1010 Introduction to Accountancy (Seminar teaching marking for examination scripts and assignments)
  • MSc. Finance: MN7025 Financial Management (Marking)


  • Member of the Academy of International Business
  • Member of the Royal Economic Society
  • Member of IEEE Computer Society

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