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First: Dr Matthew Higgins

Second: Dr Andrea Davies


Minhye Lee obtained her Bachelor’s degree (with the First-class honours) in Clothing and Textiles (double majored in Business Administration) at SookMyung Women’s University in Korea (2009). After that, she completed her Master’s degree (with distinction) in Fashion and Textile Marketing at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art (2010).

Research Interests

Her main research interests lie in ethical consumption, consumer behaviour, consumer culture and qualitative research methods. Her current research is to re-examine the complex dynamics of ethical consumption through a close examination of how ethical identity is performed by members of a self-defined ethically conscious consumer group in South Korea. Based on 6 months ethnographic participant observation and in-depth interviews the study reconceptualises ethical consumption and problematises contemporary views of the ethical consumer. Theoretical and methodological implications for the practice of qualitative research in a Korean context are also advanced.

Publications and Written Papers

  • 2013  Expecting to have a presentation of the ongoing PhD thesis “Lone no more: The sociable ethical consumer” at 2013 Ethnography Symposium at the VU University, Netherlands
  •  2013  Received a notice of acceptance (the working paper track) from the European Conference of the Association for Consumer Research (EACR) at IESE Business School, Spain
  •  2012  Presentation of the ongoing PhD thesis “Style: The Role of Display and Performance in South Koreans’ Ethical Consumption” at 2012 PhD Winter Conference at the University of Leicester, U.K.
  •  2012  Presentation and publication of the ongoing PhD thesis “Investigating South Koreans’ Ethical Consumption Style: The Role of Display and Performance” at 2012 Korean Marketing Association Spring Conference at Korea University, Korea
  •  2010  Master’s course representative speaker of the Post Graduate Conference ‘Energy, Environmental Change and Sustainability’ at the University of Southampton, U. K.
  • 2008  Presentation and publication of a research “Marketing strategies of Veritas, a fashion watch brand, in the Indian Market” at 2008 Global KAMS (Korean Academy of Marketing Science) Marketing Thesis Competition (published in KAMS Thesis Journal)


  • 2012   Earned a “Talent Hunt” Scholarship for graduates, Sookmyung Women’s University Alumnae - $6,000 scholarship for academic excellence
  • Earned an award of the Alumni of SookMyung Women’s University in 2009.

  • Earned an Excellence Award in 2008 Global KAMS (Korean Academy of Marketing Science) Marketing Thesis Competition.
  •  Earned a Cum Laude (Prize of Honours) in 2006 and 2008.


Special activities

  • 2013    Working as an associate tutor: teaching seminars of the BA Management Studies
  •  2012    Participated in the 2012 Ethnography Conference at the University of Liverpool (Awarded a full funding from the University of Leicester)
  •  2012    Working as a first marker of the MSc Management and MBA programme exams and assignments (Modules: Services Marketing, International Marketing, Consumption Society and Culture, Principles and Practices of Marketing)
  •  2012    Working as the main stylist of the Samsung refrigeration Zipel T9000 celebrity pictorials
  •  2012    Working as a part-time teacher (class: English debate) at Daewon International Middle School
  • She was selected as the representative speaker of Fashion and Textile Marketing field at the Post Graduate Conference ‘Energy, Environmental Change and Sustainability’ in Winchester School of Art, the University of Southampton in 2010.


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