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I have published over eighty journal articles, book chapters and reports on the social psychological aspects of memory, emotion and organization. He is author of two books Psychology without Foundations: History, philosophy and psychosocial theory (with Paul Stenner) and The social psychology of experience: Studies in remembering and forgetting (with David Middleton). I have also been awarded research grants from the Leverhulme Trust (to study the memorialisation of British identity); Arts and Humanities Research Council (to study commemorations of the 2005 London Bombings); the Economic and Social Research Council (for projects on: fear of crime in urban communities; learning in and for interagency working; the electronic mediation of meetings); the Mental Health Foundation (to study experiences of elderly mental health service users) and the European Union (to study topological approach to cultural dynamics). Elsewhere, I'm a technology Group Leader.


Quantitative Methods (PhD Training Programme)
Preparation for Dissertation (MBA)
Dissertation Supervision (MBA)
Foundations of Knowledged (MBA)


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Social remembering; collective affect; vulnerable groups experiences of organisation; process philosophy (esp. Deleuze, Bergson, James); contemporary philosophy of organization; science and technology studies.


  • Critical management studies
  • Critical social psychology
  • Science & technology studies


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