Dr Jennifer Smith Maguire

Senior Lecturer in Cultural Production and Consumption

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  • Tel: (0116) 294 4691
  • Office: FJB 020
  • Office hours: by appointment


Jennifer has a BA of Arts and Science and an MA in Sociology from McMaster University (Canada), and a PhD in Sociology from the City University of New York Graduate Center. Jennifer joined the University of Leicester in 2003; prior to becoming a member of the School of Management in 2013, she was a lecturer in the Department of Media and Communication.

Research Interests

Jennifer’s research focuses on the construction of markets, qualification of goods and formation of value. Her interest in processes of cultural production and consumption has led to examinations of such topics as:

  • cultural intermediaries as market actors in the cultural economy of goods, and the study of consumption as a cultural field;
  • provenance and authenticity as forms of value and frames of cultural legitimacy in the super-premium wine and champagne markets;
  • the cultural field of commercial fitness and the formation of the fit body as a cultural value.

In addition, she is the co-director of the Cultural Production and Consumption Research Group.

PhD Supervision

Current students: Jennifer Cole (the cultural production and consumption of thrift in food magazines (full time); Hyewon Choo (the cultural production and consumption of the fit body in South Korea (full time).


MN 7285 Branding and Communications (MSc Marketing)
MN 2118 Global Brands: Theory and Practice (BA Management Studies)

Selected Publications

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