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Gibson BurrellProfessor of Organisation Theory

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I am a Professor of Organisation Theory at Leicester and was the head of the former School of Management from 2002-2007. I was elected an Academician for the Social Sciences (AcSS) in 2005. Previously at the Universities of Essex, Warwick and Lancaster, in each of which I undertook a number of administrative roles, and now teache critical management perspectives at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I have been a Visiting Fellow or Visiting Professor at Universities in Australia, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the USA. I am currently Section Editor for 'Business Ethics and Sociology' in the Journal of Business Ethics. I was also recipient of the 2014 American Academy of Management OMT Division’s biennial Joanne Martin ‘Trailblazer’ award for lifelong contribution to the area, awarded at the 74th Meeting of the Academy, Philadelphia, USA in August 2014. I'm also Staff Development Lead



'Critical Perspectives on Management' at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.



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Refereed journal articles

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Chapters in books

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Architecture, space and organisation.


Social theory and organisation theory.


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