Vaughan Papers

The Vaughan Papers are a series of publications by the Institute of Lifelong Learning on a variety of topics.


The mission of the Vaughan Papers series is:


"To promote and disseminate the Institute of Lifelong Learning's research, with the aim of encouraging constructive debate on topics of concern to society, and to make academic research, ideas and insights accessible to adult learners and society at large".


The first Vaughan Paper was AJ Allaway's Adult Education in England published in 1951. Numerous key texts have been published since including the ethnographically significant Pit Talk and the cutting-edge Engagement with cultures: From diversity to interculturalism by Asaf Hussain, Bill Law and Tim Haq.


Most Vaughan Papers are 5,000-10,000 words long. Ideas for new papers should be sent to the Series Editor (Dr Simon Bennett).


Titles in the Vaughan Series


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