Canadian Applicants

Leicester Law School will be visiting Canada during March 2017 to give presentations.

Vancouver: Saturday 18 March, 1pm
WCC 320 Strategy Room, Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Simon Fraser University, 580 West Hastings Street, V6B 1L6

Victoria: Sunday 19 March, 1pm
Gabriola Room 237, Hotel Grand Pacific, 463 Belleville Street, V8V 1X3

Calgary: Monday 20 March, 7pm
Room 215, Scurfield Hall Building, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW, T2N 1N4

Ottawa: Wednesday 22 March, 7pm
Morisset (65 Univ) pièce/room 252, University of Ottawa, 65 University Private, K1N 6N5

Toronto: Thursday 23 March, 7pm
Room 1130, Bahen Centre for Information Technology, 40 Saint George Street, M5S 2E4

Toronto: Saturday 25 March, 1pm
Room 1170, Bahen Centre for Information Technology, 40 Saint George Street, M5S 2E4

Hamilton: Sunday 26 March, 1pm
Room C/D, McMaster Innovation Park, 175 Longwood Rd. South, ON, L8P 0A1

Halifax: Tuesday 28 March, 7pm
Seminar Room 2016, Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building, Dalhousie University, 6135 University Avenue, B3H 4R2

St John’s: Wednesday 29 March, 7pm
Room A1049, Arts and Administration Building, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 230 Elizabeth Avenue, NL A1B 3P7

Fielding Johnson Building

With over 250 Canadian students which account for 20% of our total population, Leicester Law School has the largest number of Canadian students of any other UK law school. We have over 10 years of experience teaching Canadian students and supporting them with their return to Canada to practice law. The study of law in the UK is similar to Canada due to the common law heritage and we welcome Canadian students to study a qualifying law degree with us immediately after high school or after they have completed an undergraduate degree.

Our LLB Senior Status is a fast track graduate entry programme for students who already have an undergraduate degree and is particularly popular with Canadians as it allows graduates to qualify with a law degree in only 2 years. Students can also study our 3 year LLB Law degree straight after completing high school which is the common route to studying law for UK students. All Canadian students starting with us in 2017 will receive the University of Leicester Canadian Entry Scholarship of a 10% tuition fee reduction each academic year.

Support for Canadian students

Support for Canadian law students at the University of Leicester is second to none amongst UK universities. We have a long history of taking Canadian students and our students are supported with their academic studies and their return to Canada to practice law from their very first week with us. Sessions are held throughout the year to provide guidance on making the transition to a legal career in Canada and workshops help students to prepare their resume for law firms. Students are kept up-to-date with information about gaining accreditation through the National Committee on Accreditation in Canada and in November 2016 the Managing Director of the NCA, Deborah Wolfe, spoke to students about the process. We also arrange for students’ transcripts to be sent directly to the NCA upon graduation. Osgoode Hall Law School and the University of British Columbia also visit us to give presentations on their LLM courses as a route gaining accreditation to practice law in Canada.

Students can get hands-on experience debating issues of Canadian law through the National University of Leicester Canadian Law Mooting Competition which we launched in 2014. Students compete against teams from other UK Universities in front of a panel of judges and experts from the UK and Canada. By joining the Pro Bono society, students can become advisors for the free legal advice clinic and get experience of giving legal advice for real-life cases under the supervision of a practicing solicitor.

Each student is also given a personal tutor who is a member of academic staff that they can go to for advice and support on both academic and personal issues throughout their degree.

Hear from our students and alumni about their experiences of the support at Leicester Law School.

Canadian Law Society

Canadian Law Society Executive
Canadian Law Society Executive 2016–2017

The student-run Canadian Law Society is an important part of any Canadian student’s time with us. The Society organises a wide range of activities including social events, academic workshops, career development and personal support. Recent activities have included attending a hearing at the House of Lords, a mooting masterclass and civil claims workshops emphasizing Canadian practical skills. Guest Speakers who have visited the Law School include Constance Sugiyama, leading Canadian Corporate Lawyer and member of the Order of Canada and Peter MacKay, then Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Canada. Social events are organised throughout the year including trips to the local ice rink in Nottingham, a Thanksgiving dinner and hosting the after-party for the annual Law Ball. Visit their website to learn more about their activities and for information about coming to Leicester from their own experiences.

Entry requirements and applications

You can find information about our entry requirements on our course pages for ‘LLB Law’ and ‘LLB Law - Senior Status’. We do not require students to have taken the LSAT or LNAT. If you are unsure if your qualifications meet our entry requirements then please contact us (link to email

All applications to UK universities are made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). You will need to submit an online application form with information about yourself including your personal details, your academic achievements, a personal statement and a reference. The deadline for applications is 30 June each year but we recommend that you apply as early as you can. There is guidance on how to complete an application on the UCAS website.

Once we have received your application from UCAS, we will decide if we can make you an offer to study with us. There are different types of offers that you can be made and the UCAS website has detailed information about what these mean.

Fees and scholarships

Information on the tuition fees for international students is available on our course pages for ‘LLB Law’ and ‘LLB Law - Senior Status. Leicester Law School is also offering scholarships to our Canadian students.

Living costs for students at the University of Leicester are generally low and are estimated to be an average of £850 per month which includes accommodation, food, bills, social occasions etc. The University has a webpage with further information about living costs as a student.


All first year students who apply by 1 September are guaranteed a place in University allocated accommodation. There are a variety of options available to suit all needs including catered, self-catered, single rooms, shared bathrooms and studio apartments. Find out more about the range of University accommodation here.

There are also plenty of options for students wanting to stay in private accommodation in Leicester.

Canadian Law Society 2012-2013
Graduating Canadian students 2015

Differences between studying in the UK and Canada

It is important to realise that there are a number of difference between studying in the UK and Canada. These include:

  • Entry: In the UK, students may enter law degree programmes immediately after high school, where they embark on an undergraduate three year LLB Law degree (i.e. students do not require a prior degree before embarking on a law degree). Those with a degree already can embark on a two year fast track degree at Leicester (the Senior Status degree programme).
  • Applying: In the UK, applicants submit one online application to a central service (UCAS) and the application is then dispatched to the University (or Universities) that the applicant selects. Applicants can apply to up to 5 Universities. Applications are usually considered as soon as they arrived, and are not stored and assessed at a panel.
  • Transfers: In the UK, students tend to start and complete their degree at the same University and do not transfer between institutions. In addition, it is often not possible to transfer in to the second year of a degree programmes or possible to use Canadian University credits towards your UK law degree.
  • Definitions: Particular terms have different definitions in the UK, for example:
    • school’: in Canada higher education establishments are often referred to as ‘school’, whereas in the UK, the term ‘school’ generally only refers to the education establishments that children attend. In the UK, higher education establishments are just referred to as ‘University’.

The exception to this is the name of our department – The Leicester Law School.

    • courses’: in Canada, the series of teaching sessions relating to a subject is called a ‘course’, whereas in the UK, ‘course’ will refer to the complete degree programme as a whole. In the UK, the series of teaching sessions relating to a subject is referred to a ‘module’.
  • Structure of university degree programmes: In Canada, a student’s degree programme may be made up of a major as well as a number of classes in different subject areas to earn a required number of credits per semester. At the Leicester Law School first year students follow a set curriculum of purely law modules. This is also the case in the second year for students on the two year Senior Status LLB degree programme. For those students on the three year LLB degree programme, there are a number of core and optional modules that students must study, all of which are law modules. This is the case at many other UK Universities too.
  • Term dates: In the UK, semester dates run in a similar format to this
    • Late September to mid December = Teaching
    • Mid December to mid January = Christmas vacation
    • Mid January to the end of January = Examination period
    • End of January to the end of March = Teaching
    • End of March to early May = Easter vacation
    • Early May to mid May = Teaching
    • Mid May to the end of June = Examination period

Exact term dates for each year can be found here. In order to comply with University and UK Border Agency visa regulations, students must be in Leicester during all teaching and examination periods.

  • Registration and module (‘course’) selection: Whereas in Canada registration and module (‘course’) selection occurs during the summer. In the UK however this tends to occur during the last two weeks of September and is done on-line. In addition, for Law degree programmes students are not required to select modules as all first year modules are compulsory. Information regarding registration is sent out during late-August as part of a joining pack.
  • Reading lists and timetable: In the first year, reading lists and timetables are generally not provided until the first week of term.
  • The qualification. A law degree from a UK University is not the same as a law degree from Canada. See our page on accreditation for more information.

Canadian graduates from 2011

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