Current PhD/MPhil Research Topics

Leicester Law School has a thriving community of around 60 postgraduate research students. Our researchers are exploring a wide variety of areas of law.


Company, Commercial and Financial Law

  • Sheriff Abiodun Adesanya (Supervisor Cosmo Graham and Lindsay Stirton, external)
    Abi's topic is a critical analysis of whether convergence is required in the regulation of the Nigerian telecommunication sector.
  • Bader Almaskari (Supervisor Stelios Andreadakis)
    Bader's research is looking at avoiding uncertainty and lack of predictability under the European Insolvency Regulation (groups of Companies).
  • Marcelo Henrique Andrade (Supervisors: Francois du Bois and Nicky Jackson)
    The Duty to Mitigate Loss in Brazil.
  • Siavash Askarirad (Supervisors: Masood Ahmed and Tony Cole)
    A Legal analysis of the move toward economic liberalization and foreign investment in Iran.
  • Lisa Benjamin (Supervisors Stelios Andreadakis)
    Lisa's title is: Towards a greener corporate objective? Multinational corporations and climate change - have voluntary codes of conduct and reports on corporate social responsibility in the context of climate change affected corporate objectives?
  • Tom Egbe (Supervisors: Ben Adodo and Reza Beheshti)
    The Carrier’s Obligation to Exercise Reasonable Diligence in the Performance of a Contractual Voyage - A Comparative Analysis.
  • Julia Jennings (Supervisors: Horace Yeung and Greg Allan)
    Julia's title is: Company vs Consumer – can the needs of each be met?
  • Gerry Kounadis (Supervisors: Mark Hsiao)
    Derivative transactions in the post-crisis EU regulatory environment: risks and challenges from a transactional and regulatory perspective.
  • Niki Petridou (Supervisors Janet Ulph)
    Niki's research is an analytical and comparative study of the mens rea of money laundering offences in British, Greek and Cypriot Legal Systems.
  • Laura Rodes Saldana (Supervisors Stelios Andreadakis)
    Laura was appointed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in January 2014. Her research title is: Suitability of EU capital maintenance rules over creditor protection.
  • David Turner (Supervisors: Stelios Andreadakis)
    Corporate Governance and the Human Factor, taking the next step.


  • Nevi Agapiou (Supervisors Masood Ahmed)
    Nevi is researching a predictive analysis of the legal reception of the 1980 UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) in the United Kingdom. Graduated 2016.
  • Nisar Ahmad
    Title: The implications of the global compack human rights principles for multinational enterprises in Malaysia. Nisar graduated in January 2014.
  • Wasim Al-Jerafi (Supervisors Paolo Vargiu)
    Title: Yemen’s ratification of the New York Convention: an analysis of compatibility and the uniform interpretation of Articles v(1)(a) and v(2)(b). Wasim graduated in July 2013.
  • Fatemah Alshuraian (Supervisor Cosmo Graham)
    Title: Market manipulations regulatory framework in Kuwait Stock Exchange. Fatma graduated in July 2014.
  • Reza Beheshti (Supervisors Francois du Bois)
    Reza is researching the termination of international commercial contracts under CISG, English Law, UNIDROIT and DCFR. Reza is a research student member of the Centre for European Law and Internationalisation.
  • Zhenyun (George) Chen
    ‘Risks, challenges and prospects for China's banking industry after entry into WTO. Zhenyun graduated in January 2013.
  • Omar Daoud
    Title: A model for the role and effectiveness of the non-executive directors.
    Omar graduated in January 2014.
  • Fatma Banu Kring (Supervisors Cosmo Graham)
    Banu's research topic was ‘Minority shareholder rights in the context of M&A transactions’. Graduated 2016.
  • Zaid Mahayni (Supervisors Janet Ulph)
    Title: An Analysis of Capital Market Regulation in Saudi Arabia. Zaid graduated in January 2014.
  • Sangwani Patrick Ng'ambi (Supervisors Paolo Vargiu and Francois du Bois)
    Title: The resource nationalism cycle, stabilization clauses and the need for flexibility in concession agreements. Sangwani will graduate in January 2015.
  • Yeside Oyetayo
    Title: Insurance Regulation in The General Agreement on Trade in Services: A Model for Liberalisation and Development in Nigeria.
    Yeside graduated in January 2013.
  • Irem Tore (Supervisors Paolo Vargiu, Stelios Andreadakis and Cosmo Graham)
    Irem's topic is The Impact of Corporate Governance on Investment Decisions and Turkey.
  • Jacqueline Walsh (Supervisor Adam Cygan)
    Title: The Competitive Plight of the Small Software Firm: A Case for Statutory Reform. Jacqui graduated in July 2013.

Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminology

  • Clive Akpotaire (Supervisors Steven Cammiss)
    The title of Clive's research topic is ‘The socio-legal policy considerations on international modern slavery and organised crime: Nigeria as a case study’.
  • Jennifer Armstrong (Supervisors Steven Cammiss and Veronique Voruz)
    The title of Jennifer's research project is ‘The issue of prior record as a consideration in sentencing in Canada’.
  • Victoria Beckett (Supervisors Steven Cammiss and Jill Marshall)
    Vicky's topic is ‘Animal Rights Activists and State Identities in the Criminal Justice System’.
  • Roxanna Dehaghani (Supervisors Steven Cammiss and Mandy Burton)
    Roxanna was appointed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in January 2014. Her research topic is entitled: Defining and identifying vulnerability in police custody: a comparative study assessing the law and practice in the Netherlands and England and Wales.
  • Brian Manarin (Supervisors Sally Kyd and Mandy Burton)
    Brian's topic is entitled ‘Discriminatory and unfair practices against the Aboriginal people of Canada in Criminal Jury trials: identifying areas of concern and offering solutions’.


  • Olson Alleyne (Supervisor Sally Kyd)
    Title: Confronting identity theft: a critical and comparative analysis of the emerging response of the criminal law in England, Barbados and Australia. Olson graduated in July 2014.
  • Robert Barron (Supervisor John Hartshorne)
    Title: How scientific evidence has caused injustices in the English criminal legal system. Robert graduated in July 2013.
  • Shawna Coxon (Supervisor Sally Kyd )
    Title: Criminal fantasies: risk of harm in Canadian Child Pornography law.
    Shawna graduated in January 2014.
  • Kevin Crosby (Supervisor Steven Cammiss)
    Title: Jury independence and the general verdict: a genealogy.
    Kevin graduated in January 2014.
  • Abidah Abdul Ghafar (Supervisors Mandy Burton and Steven Cammiss)
    Title: Legal protection for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses: a critical analysis on the UK and Malaysian law from the perspective of human rights. Abidah graduated in July 2013.
  • James Roffee (Supervisor Sally Kyd)
    Title: The Law on Incest: A New Legal Realist Approach to Understanding the English and Welsh Prohibitions. James graduated in January 2013.

Dispute Resolution

  • Md Maher Abbasy (Supervisors: Masood Ahmed and Pablo Cortes)
    The practice of Mediation in the England and Wales: Can parties be encouraged to use Mediation to achieve timely and cost-effective settlements without a need to make the use of Mediation mandatory in dealing with civil disputes?
  • Fatma Nursima Arslan (Supervisors: Masood Ahmed and Pablo Cortes)
    The Many faces of Mediation and Its’ Place in Modern Civil Procedure: A comparative analysis of the concept, Its’ practice and policy considerations in Turkey, UK and Ontario.
  • Valentina Dimitriou (Supervisors: Tony Cole and Pablo Cortes)
    Bilateral Investment Treaties: A new pro-active balanced and sustainable approach to foreign investors' duties and Host-States' reinforced expression of sovereignty.
  • Harry Meliniotis (Supervisors: Tony Cole and Pablo Cortes)
    To what extent can construction statutory adjudication benefit European countries other than the UK, what the key provisions of a proposed bill should be for each concerned country, barriers to its enactment and how can it better be implemented?
  • Marie-Odile Sander (Supervisors Pablo Cortes and Masood Ahmed)
    The title of Marie-Odile's research topic is ‘European modern forms of non-voluntary mediation: the case of England in comparative perspective’.


  • Dean Lewis (Supervisors Masood Ahmed and Francois Du Bois)
    Dean's research is in the area of Arbitration and his topic is entitled ‘Harmonisation in adoption and interpretation of the judicial intervention provisions of the UNCITRAL model law in Pacific rim jurisdictions’. (Graduated 2015.)
  • Levi Odoe (Supervisors Francois du Bois and Masood Ahmed)
    Title: Party autonomy as the basis of arbitration agreement. Levi graduated in July 2014.
  • Iris Truman (Supervisors Malcolm Shaw and Katja Ziegler)
    Title: A proposal for International Court of State and Corporate Disputes - The ICSCD. Iris graduated in July 2014.

Employment Law

  • Naomi Njuguna (Supervisors Lisa Rodgers, Joe Wills and Stefano Bertea)
    The topic of Naomi's research is concerned with the right to health, and protecting the occupational psycho-social well-being of Health Care workers in Kenya.
  • Ruksar Sattar (Supervisors: Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella and Pascale Lorber)
    Reconciliation of Work and Family Life in an Evolving United Kingdom Labour Market: a Role for Grandparents?
  • Paul Taylor (Supervisors: Lisa Rodgers and Pascale Lorber)
    Historic Criminal Convictions – Storage and Usage Are they an indelible stain? What barriers do they present to employment?
  • Robert Wilks (Supervisors Pascale Lorber and Lisa Rodgers)
    The title of Rob's research project is ‘Can the official recognition of sign language offer a solution to the apparent conflict between disability law and Deaf identity, and if so, how?’


  • Sara Benedi Lahuerta (Supervisors Oxana Golynker)
    Sara's research is examining the effectiveness of the EU Race Equality Directive (2000/43/EC) in Britain and Spain, in the field of employment law.
  • Lisa Rodgers
    Title: Can a legal theory of vulnerability in employment be constructed which represents a valid organising principle for labour law? Lisa graduated in January 2014, and was appointed to a lectureship at the University of Leicester in May 2013.

European Law and Policy

  • Gerry Kounadis (Supervisors: Mark Hsiao)
    Derivative transactions in the post-crisis EU regulatory environment: risks and challenges from a transactional and regulatory perspective.
  • Ewa Zelazna (Supervisors Adam Cygan and Pablo Cortes)
    The title of Ewa's research project is ‘European policy on international investment after Lisbon Treaty. A legal analysis of development opportunities’. Ewa was appointed to a Graduate Teaching Assistantship in September 2013.


  • Gautier Busschaert (Supervisor Adam Cygan)
    Title: Participatory democracy in the European Union: a civil perspective. Gautier graduated in July 2014.

Human Rights

  • Khalida Azhigulova (Supervisors Bernard Ryan and Tehila Sagy)
    The title of Khalida's research topic is ‘Management of mixed migration movements in Central Asia: efficiency of the regional inter-state cooperation in balancing human rights obligations against national security concerns’.
  • Claire Bessant (Supervisors Mandy Burton and John Hartshorne)
    Claire's topic is ‘the changing perceptions of family law’.
  • Anna Kweskin (Supervisors Yassin Brunger and Loveday Hodson)
    Anna's research is in the human rights area, entitled ‘one laptop per child: is this the next human right?’
  • Jean-Claude Kalume Misenga (Supervisors Jill Marshall and Yassin Brunger)
    Jean-Claude's topic is entitled ‘Eliminating Violence Against Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: What role for international law?’
  • Suliana Sivivatu (Supervisors Jill Marshall and Loveday Hodson)
    Suliana's research centres around the topic of ‘women, culture and international law in the South Pacific, and Tonga’s refusal to ratify CEDAW’.
  • Aristi Volou (Supervisors: Katja Ziegler and Bernard Ryan)
    Interaction of legal orders in the context of socio-economic rights: Moving towards justiciability?
  • Daniel Weston (Supervisors: Stefano Bertea and Peter Cumper)
    A Conceptual Analysis of ‘Freedom of Expression’: An Inquiry into Vagueness.


  • Burcu Zeynep Akbaba (Supervisors Sally Kyd, Liz Wicks and Tracey Elliott)
    Zeynep's research looked at the effects of chemical castration on human rights. Graduated 2016.
  • Mohammad Alhaddad
    'Provisional detention from the perspective of international human rights conventions'. Mohammad graduated in January 2014.
  • Gift Sotonye-Frank (Supervisors Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella )
    Gift's research project was ‘Assessing the Child Rights Act 2003: a study into the potentials as well as the limitations of relying on legislation to protect child rights in Nigeria’. Graduated 2016.
  • Maribel Canto-Lopez
    Title: Are international and regional human rights instruments up to the challenge of globalization in the 21st century? Extraterritorial responsibility of States and the ‘war on terror’. Maribel graduated in January 2013, and was invited to give a Doctoral Inaugural Lecture in March 2014. Maribel has been a member of academic staff since September 2015.
  • Gayatri Patel (Supervisors Peter Cumper and Loveday Hodson)
    The basis of Gayatri's research was an examination of the new Human Right's Council's ‘Universal Periodic Review’ procedure in light of cultural relativism. Gayatri was a Graduate Teaching Assistant from 2010–2014. Graduated 2016.
  • Patricia Streeter (Supervisor Malcolm Shaw)
    Title: Fair Trial in Lithuania: From European Convention to Realization. Pat graduated in July 2013.
  • Tutku Tugyan (Supervisors Loveday Hodson)
    Tutku was researching extraterritorial jurisdiction on human rights treaties. Graduated 2015.

International Law

  • Siavash Askarirad (Supervisors: Masood Ahmed and Tony Cole)
    A Legal analysis of the move toward economic liberalization and foreign investment in Iran.
  • Carlos Canales (Supervisor Loveday Hodson)
    Carlos's topic is regarding the principle of the preservation of the unity of a common oil and gas deposit in the international law of the sea, and whether boundaries matter any more.
  • Valentina Dimitriou (Supervisors: Tony Cole and Pablo Cortes)
    Bilateral Investment Treaties: A new pro-active balanced and sustainable approach to foreign investors' duties and Host-States' reinforced expression of sovereignty.
  • Colin Flynn (Supervisor Yassin Brunger)
    Colin's research looks at sentencing principles and guidelines in international criminal law.
  • Andrea Harrison (Supervisors: Onder Bakircioglu and Katja Ziegler)
    Legal Reviews and Judicial Oversight in Non-International Armed Conflicts.
  • Biobelemabo Inko-Tariah (Supervisors Eki Omorogbe and Katja Ziegler)
    Biobele is examining whether humanitarian intervention is being used as justification by more powerful nations to intervene in weaker nations in breach of international law.
  • Stavroula Kalopsidiotou (Supervisors Eki Omorogbe and Yassin Brunger)
    Stavri's research title is the impact of regional organisations on the normative framework of international law governing peace and security: international law revisited?
  • Ying-Jun Lin (Supervisors: Masood Ahmed and Tony Cole)
    "The Intersection of Treaty Interpretation and the Boundary of Sovereign Power in International Economic Agreements".
  • Nnadike Casmir Ugwuogbonna (Supervisors Eki Omorogbe and Loveday Hodson)
    Casmir's research is entitled ‘The use of regional mechanism to advance international criminal justice in Africa’.
  • Aristi Volou (Supervisors: Katja Ziegler and Bernard Ryan)
    Interaction of legal orders in the context of socio-economic rights: Moving towards justiciability?
  • Charlotte Wick (Supervisors Steven Cammiss and Yassin Brunger)
    Charlotte's topic is entitled ‘incitement to commit genocide. She was appointed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in September 2013.


  • Eldirdiri (Dirdeiry) Mohamed Ahmed (Supervisors Eki Omorogbe and Katja Ziegler)
    Title: The African Territorial Regime: establishing its customary existence and arguing for its Augmentation by a Right to Egalitarian Secession. Dirdeiry graduated in January 2014.
  • Samuel Akorimo (Supervisor Eki Omorogbe, formerly supervised by Malcolm Shaw)
    Samuel's topic is ‘an assessment of the suitability of the ICT of Rwanda as a criminal justice response to the genocide of 1994’. Graduated 2015.
  • Mojeed Alabi
    Title: Judicial regime of regional integration in Africa: an examination of the role of the ECOWAS Court in the Evolution of a regional legal order in West Africa.
    Mojeed graduated in July 2013.
  • Abdelnaser Ali (Supervisor Katja Ziegler)
    Title: Smuggling of migrants in contemporary international law. Naser graduated in July 2014.
  • Catherine Ovo Imoedemhe (Supervisors Eki Omorogbe)
    Title: National Implementation of the Complementarity Regime of the Rome Statute: Obligations and Challenges for Domestic Legislation with Nigeria as a Case study. Ovo will graduate in January 2015.
  • Farhad Mirzayev (Supervisor Malcolm Shaw and Loveday Hodson)
    Title: UTI Possidetis v self-determination: the lessons of post-Soviet practice. Farhad graduated in July 2014.

Law and Theory


  • Maria Paula Barrantes-Reynolds (Supervisors Stefano Bertea)
    Paula is considring human rights v pluralism in multicultural societies, in particular the case of the Bolivian Constitution of 2009. Graduated 2016.
  • Yavuz Alkan (Supervisors Peter Cumper and Stefano Bertea)
    Yavuz's research is on rights, secularism and democracy. Graduated 2015.
  • Henry Jones
    Title: The failures of Liberalism in international law. Henry graduated in January 2014.
  • Joe Wills (Supervisor Loveday Hodson)
    Title: Socioeconomic Rights as counter-hegemonic praxis in an era of neo-liberal globalization: A Neo-Gramscian analysis . Joe graduated in July 2014, and was appointed to a lectureship at the University of Leicester in January 2014.
  • Charlotte Woodhead (Supervisors Dawn Watkins and Janet Ulph)
    Title: A critical analysis of the legal and quasi-legal recognition of the underlying principles and norms of cultural heritage. Charlotte graduated in July 2014.
  • Stuart Wright (Supervisors Loveday Hodson)
    Stuart's research title is: A global governance approach to postmodern self-determination. Graduated 2015.


  • Aikaterini Kazou (Supervisors Liz Wicks and Tracey Elliott)
    Katerina's research topic is entitled: ‘The implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in English mental health law’.
  • Shweta Luthra (Supervisors Sally Kyd and Tracey Elliott)
    Shweta is considering the consequences for mentally disordered defendants in India and England.
  • Azin Niksefaty (Supervisors Liz Wicks and José Miola)
    Azin's research considers if the practice of assisted suicide and euthanasia be supported by the human rights authorities for the better protection of human rights.
  • Ebikaboere Bolanle Olaosebikan (Supervisors Jose Miola and Tracey Elliott)
    Ebi is investigating the issue of autonomy in advanced dementia patients with dysphagia who have an advance directive.
  • Nataly Papadopolou (Supervisors Liz Wicks and Tracey Elliott)
    Nataly's research is regarding the Commission on Assisted Dying and human rights impact.


  • Brendan Kelly (Supervisors Jose Miola and Liz Wicks)
    ‘Human rights protection for the mentally ill through mental health law in England and Ireland’. Brendan graduated in July 2013.

Private Law

  • Marcelo Henrique Andrade (Supervisors: Francois du Bois and Nicky Jackson)
    The Duty to Mitigate Loss in Brazil.
  • Rita D'Alton-Harrison (Supervisors Dawn Watkins and David Bartram, Sociology)
    Rita's topic is entitled: ‘Governance of the legal and domiciled parent: inter-country surrogacy, border controls and the 'disconnected' family’.
  • Serife Esra Kiraz (Supervisor Barbara Bogusz)
    Esra is researching third party’s intellectual property rights and the responsibility under the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
  • Mavis Ku (Supervisors: Janet Ulph and Janet Marstine, Museum Studies)
    “Core Values” and Management of Museum Collections: an analysis of the legal and ethical guidance provided to English and Taiwanese museums.
  • Coleen Lewis (Supervisor John Hartshorne)
    Coleen is making a critical and comparative analysis of the cyber defamation laws in England, USA and Australia, and considering proposals for reform of the Jamaican Defamation Act.
  • Ann Marie Mangion (Supervisor Mandy Burton and Dawn Watkins)
    Ann Marie's research is considering whether the new Maltese divorce legislation is fair and just vis-a-vis comparative divorce legislations?
  • Neil Marshall (Supervisor Barbara Bogusz)
    Neil is researching the impact of the changing role of online intermediaries on their legal obligations and other issues concerning cyber-crime.
  • Ayesha Shakil (Supervisor Francois du Bois)
    Ayeshas' research question is: ‘The introduction of the good faith notion in English law: why and why not?’
  • Haward Soper (Supervisors: Francois du Bois and Richard Craven)
    Contract, conflict and co-operation - a critical analysis of the common law approach to the breakdown of mutual or symbiotic contracts.


  • Michael Filby (Supervisor Barbara Bogusz)
    Title: Cyber Piracy: Can file sharing be regulated without impeding the digital revolution? Michael graduated in July 2013.

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