Pablo Cortés

Pablo CortésSenior Lecturer

Licenciado (Universidad de Vigo), LLM (University of Limerick), PhD (NUI, Cork) Member of the Spanish Bar, Ávila (non-practising)
Telephone: 0116 252 5332

Pablo is a Senior Lecturer and a non-practising Spanish attorney. He conducts research in the field of dispute resolution, civil procedure and consumer law. He was invited to be a keynote speaker in two international conferences, and he has been invited as a speaker at many other conferences in 15 different countries. He was invited to participate in expert meetings by various organisations, including the UN Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), the European Commission (DG SANCO and DG JUSTICE) and the European Parliament (IMCO and JURI). He is a fellow of the National Centre for Technology and Dispute Resolutions (University of Massachusetts) and in 2012 he was a Gould Research Fellow at Stanford University. He is also a member of the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Taskforce of the International Mediation Institute and of the ODR Advisory Group of the Civil Justice Council. In the 2014 REF he was selected as one of the Impact Case Studies for the School of Law based on his role assisting the European Commission in the drafting of two legislative texts: the Directive on consumer ADR and the Regulation on consumer ODR.

Research Interests

Online Dispute Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Procedure, Comparative Law, E-Commerce and Consumer Law.

Research projects

Currently he is on paid research leave (until October 2016) as a result of two important research projects awarded in 2014 with a budget of over £100k. The first one is a research grant (co-PI: 55k euros) awarded by the European Commission as part of a consortium of universities with the task of proposing legislative action to promote online mediation for civil and commercial matters. The second project is another two-year grant awarded by the Nuffield Foundation (PI: £67k) to evaluate from a socio-legal perspective the main consumer ADR schemes operating in Italy, Spain and the UK. This period of research leave will lead to the publication of a monograph by Cambridge University Press (submission date: September 2016) and a book for which I am the sole editor for Oxford University Press (submission date: March 2016) –the book is based on the contributions of experts from ten different countries that participated at a conference in Leicester funded by the Nuffield grant.

Selected Publications

  • “Enforcing EU Consumer Policy More Effectively: A Three-Pronged Approach” in S. Drake and M. Smith, Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy (Edward Elgar, 2016).
  • “The Impact of EU Law in the ADR Landscape in Italy, Spain and the UK: Time for Change or Missed Opportunity?” (2015) 16(2) ERA Forum 125–147.
  • “A New Regulatory Framework For Extra-Judicial Consumer Redress: Where We Are And How To Move Forward" (2015) 35(1) Legal Studies, 114-141.
  • “Consumer Dispute Resolution Goes Online: Reflections on the Evolution of European Law for Out-Of-Court Redress” (2014) 21(1) Maastricht Journal 14-38 (with A. Lodder).
  • “Building a Global Redress System for Low-Value Cross-Border Disputes” (2013) 62(2) International Comparative Law Quarterly 407-440 (with F. Esteban de la Rosa)
  • “A Comparative Review of Offers to Settle – Would an Emerging Settlement Culture Pave the Way for their Adoption in Continental Europe? (2013) 32(1) Civil Justice Quarterly 42-67.
  • “Il Ruolo dell’ADR nelle Controversie Familiari: una Riflessione sull’Offer to Settle fra Giurisdizioni in un Confronto tra Common Law e Civil Law”, in Le  Ragioni degli Altri. Mediazione e Famiglia tra Conflitto e Dialogo: una Prospettiva Comparatistica ed Interdisciplinare (Firenze University Press, 2012).
  • “Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers -Online Dispute Resolution Methods for Settling Business to Consumer Conflicts” in M. Wahab, E. Katsh, D. Rainey Online Dispute Resolution (Eleven International Publishing, 2012) - 2012 CPR Book Prize.
  • “Developing Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers in the EU: A Proposal for the Regulation of Accredited Providers” (2011) 19(1) International Journal of Law and Information Technology 1-28.
  • Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers in the European Union (Routledge, 2010) 260 pp.

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