Loveday Hodson

Loveday Hodson

Associate Professor
LLB (Warwick), LLM (London), PhD (Warwick), Barrister-at-Law
MA in Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy (Leicester)

Telephone: 0116 233 1374

In 2015–2016 I taught on the International Law and Introduction to Law undergraduate modules. During my time at Leicester I have also contributed to teaching on the following postgraduate modules: European Convention on Human Rights, Global Protection of Human Rights, Feminist Perspectives on International Law, Current Trends in International Law.

Research Interests

My research interests are in international human rights law and social movements. In 2011 I published a book with Hart, ‘NGOs and the Struggle for Human Rights in Europe’. In 2015 I published a jointly-edited collection, The UK and European Human Rights: A Strained Relationship?

My research interests also include human rights and sexuality, particularly in the area of family rights.  I have published a number of academic articles and NGO reports in this area.

I am the co-convenor of the European Society of International Law’s interest group on Feminism and International Law.  I am currently co-organising a Feminist International Judgments Project.

Selected Publications

  • Ziegler, K. S., Wicks, E., & Hodson, L. (2015). The UK and European Human Rights – A Strained Relationship? Oxford: Hart.
  • Hodson, L. (2014). Women's Rights and the Periphery: CEDAW's Optional Protocol. European Journal of International Law. 25(2) European Journal of International Law 561.
  • Hodson, L. (2014). Activists and Lawyers in the ECtHR: The Struggle for Gay Rights. In D. Anagnostou, Rights in Pursuit of Social Change: Legal Mobilisation in the Multi-level European System. Oxford: Hart.
  • Hodson, L.  (2013). Activating the Law: Exploring NGOs' Legal Responses to Gross Human Rights Violations. In M. R. Madsen, & G. Verschraegen (Eds.), Making Human Rights Intelligible: Towards a Sociology of Human Rights. Oxford: Hart.
  • Hodson, L. (2012). Ties that Bind: Towards a Child-Centred Approach to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Families Under the ECHR. The International Journal of Children's Rights, 20(4), 501-522.
  • Hodson, L. (2012). States of Impunity: The Role of NGOs in Addressing Gross and Systematic Violations of the ECHR. In C. Santos (Ed.), Mobilização Transnacional do Direito: Portugal e o Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos Humanos [Transnational Legal Mobilization of Human Rights: Portugal and the European Court of Human Rights]. Almedina Press.
  • Hodson, L. (2011). A marriage by any other name? Schalk and Kopf v Austria. Human Rights Law Review, 11(1), 170-179.
  • Hodson, L. (2010). NGOs and the struggle for human rights in Europe. Hart Publishing.
  • Derbyshire H. and Hodson L. ‘Human Rights and Verbatim Theatre’, 2(2) Law and Humanities (2008) 191-211.
  • Hodson L. The Rights of Children Raised in Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender Families: A European Perspective (October 2008, ILGA-Europe Report).
  • Hodson L. Different Families, Same Rights?: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Families under International Human Rights Law (March 2008, ILGA-Europe). Available at
  • Hodson L. ‘Family Values: The Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships in International Law’, (2004) Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, Vol. 22(1), 33-57.


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