Leicester Law School Hosts a Study Visit for Polish Students

Students from Kozminski University in Warsaw came to the Leicester Law School in June 2017 to learn about protection of intellectual property rights in the UK.

During their three-day stay, students from Kozminski University participated in a bespoke course on Intellectual Property Law prepared and delivered by Prof Adam Cygan, Ms Barbara Bogusz and Dr Paolo Vargiu, visited Leicester Crown Court and took part in a Law School Brexit event. They also met with Leicester Law School’s staff and PhD students to learn about our research, teaching methods and legal career paths in the UK.

As future lawyers, the Polish students greatly appreciated the chance to broaden their understanding of other jurisdictions. Dr Joanna Buchalska from Kaminski University commented that “the visit provided our students with an invaluable opportunity to learn how a common law jurisdiction deals with matters relating to the protection of intellectual property.”

The study visit was financed by the European Social Fund programme 'Knowledge Education Development'.

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