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Zoe Baily, year 4


Hi! I'm Zoe and I am currently in my fourth and final year of the MSci Interdisciplinary Science programme. After taking all the sciences at A level, and loving them all equally, I knew I wanted to do a Uni course where I wouldn’t have to give up on any area of science straight away. This quickly led me to look at Natural Sciences courses and therefore on to Leicester’s Interdisciplinary Science course. After meeting the staff and getting to know a bit more about the structure of the course I decided on it as my first choice.

Now I have been here for over three years and I am so glad of my decision, I love it! IScience sessions are really interactive which makes for a really stimulating learning atmosphere and it is great to be surrounded by peers that you know are just as enthusiastic in their love of science as you! The style of learning also means that you gain so many of the skills of a professional scientist, most of the time without even realising it. The course highlights how integrated the sciences are and how important it is for different disciplines of science to work together in order to solve multidisciplinary problems. For this reason I hope to go on to complete a doctorate in a multidisciplinary area after completing this year. 

When I am not studying I often like to fill my time doing something creative, playing video games or doing something science-fiction or fantasy related. I have also recently joined the IScience Society committee and am really looking forward to setting up lots of fun and quirky social events for our IScience students!


David McDonagh, year 2

David M

When I was applying for University I was looking for a course that taught science without separating the disciplines, and after stumbling across Interdisciplinary Science and attending an open day, I knew I had found what I was looking for. In fact it was the only degree I applied for as I couldn’t find anything else quite like it! I-science stands out for me firstly in being a research-based degree, essentially meaning you can take your work as far as you’re willing to go, while being given guided learning as opposed to a one size fits all lecture, and secondly through the modules integrating the various disciplines of science in interesting ways, focusing on real-world problems and teaching you how to think comprehensively about different principles in a number of contexts.

I’m enrolled on the masters course, now in my second year, and I hope to go on to do a PhD, leading to a career in academic research.

Outside of University I spend most of my time reading and playing music.

David also writes a regular blog for the University's Student Blog - you can follow his posts here:

Sherri Newton, year 4  

I chose I-Science after a career change from Architecture. At that time I didn’t know which discipline I wanted to go into, all I knew is that I wanted to do science. The broad aspect of what we study here keeps things interesting on a day to day basis and ultimately I am glad that I didn’t restrict myself to one science route.

One of my favourite things about I-Science is the problem based learning. It’s given me an amazing amount of confidence in the work that I do and I’m no longer afraid to tackle a new subject area. It is this that has made me seriously consider doing a PhD and a career in research once I have graduated from here.

Outside of my University work I enjoy listening to music and enjoy a variety of different arts and craft activities. I have recently restarted playing the flute and I hope to one day have my own kiln so I can pick up my interest in pottery.


Cassie Obee, year 3



I found Interdisciplinary Science when I was deciding what course to study at university. I was looking for courses that would allow me to study Physics without having done A-Level Maths.  I stumbled across Interdisciplinary Science and it sounded great! I could keep doing all the things I love, including Physics and Chemistry, and there was support for students who didn't do A-Level Maths; the course seemed perfect for me!

The best part about I-Science is the satisfaction of having all the areas beginning to interlink and connect with each other. It really makes you understand how crucial all disciplines of Science are to one another, and that people on our course get to really appreciate all the different sides of Science.

I have just recently switched on to the Masters course so I can stay on for another year and learn more valuable skills, and I am now also considering staying on for a PhD and staying in academic research.

Outside of I-Science I am on the committee for the Ski and Snowboard club and regularly attend events associated with this. I am also a keen photographer which I have recently linked with my love of live music and have started doing gig photography for my favorite bands.




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