How to apply

Applications must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for entry to full-time and sandwich first degree courses. Courses in the UCAS Scheme are listed in the UCAS Directory. (International Students should follow this link to find the answers to your questions.)

To apply you will need to visit the UCAS website. The University application process is conducted online, and all of the support you need to complete your application can be found on the UCAS site.

Please note that from September 2014 entry the course will be renamed as Natural Sciences however, the UCAS code will remain the same.

Further information on our course can be found at the University of Leicester Prospectus page here.

When to apply

The closing date for applications to reach the UCAS office is 15 January 2014. Applicants are advised to apply as early as is consistent with having made a careful and considered choice of institutions and courses. It is in the best interests of all applicants to apply before the 15 January deadline.

However, late applications, including those from outside the UK, are in practice accepted by UCAS and the University of Leicester throughout the remainder of the application year, but these are considered at the University's discretion.

How to select Natural Sciences

The institution code for the University of Leicester is LEICR L34. The course code for the BSc is FCG0 and for the MSc is GFC0.

Policy on Equal Opportunities in Admissions

It is the policy of the University that in considering an application by a prospective student the criterion for selection shall be the potential of the applicant to achieve success in his or her chosen course of study. In assessing this potential, Admissions Tutors will consider factors relevant to the applicant's academic aptitude. No applicant will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, social class, age, disability, colour, race, nationality or ethnic or national origins.

No condition of entry will be imposed which members of a particular group of potential applicants, defined by sex, sexual orientation etc. (as above) are less likely to be able to satisfy than applicants not of that group, unless such a condition is justifiable on academic grounds.

If you would like a copy of the full equal opportunities in admissions statement please contact the Admissions Office on 0116 252 5281 or E-mail

Direct Entry to the Second year

The University welcomes applicants from the UK and overseas with suitable advanced qualifications for entry into the second year of many of its degree programmes. Examples include completion of a first-year of a relevant degree course at another university, the award of a diploma of some overseas institutions of Higher Education, or completion at an appropriate level of an HND course. Please contact the Admissions Tutor for the course you are interested in for more details.

Curriculum 2000 Changes in the Post-16 Curriculum

The University welcomes the changes to the UK post-16 curriculum for bringing breadth as well as depth to the curriculum. Most of our degree programmes will require applicants to have completed 3 A levels. This would usually be from four AS levels/Vocational A levels, two of which would then be taken to A2 level, plus a further A2 level or Vocational A level (6 units) in year 13. Where Key Skills are offered in addition to the above, either as individual units or the Key Skills Certificate, they may be included in any offer. The rigour of A2 is seen as important preparation for university study. Consequently we will not normally offer a place to applicants offering only AS examinations.

The typical offers given in the Course Key Facts boxes show the requirements from the final year of study post-16, and the A/AS levels line shows the grades normally required at A level. For up-to-date details please see our statement on Curriculum 2000 on our website at or telephone 0116 252 5281 or e-mail

Useful publications

Big Official UCAS Guide to University and College Entrance
Published annually by UCAS. Available from bookshops or Sheed and Ward Ltd.,
4 Rickett Street
London SW6 1RU
Tel: 020 7610 2722.
Price (2001) £21.95 plus post and packing.

The Mature Students' Guide To Higher Education and A Parents Guide To Higher Education
Free brochures published by and available from:
New Barn Lane
Glos. GL52 3LZ,
Tel: 01242 222444, ext 503.

Degree Course Guides
Individual booklets which cover the main subjects studied at universities, available from CRAC:
Careers Research and Advisory Centre
Hobsons Publishing plc
Bateman Street
Cambridge CB2 1LZ
Tel: 0122 335 4551.


Student Charter

If you would like a copy of the University's Student Charter please contact the Admissions Office on 0116 252 5281 or E-mail:

General Entrance Requirements

These are given in detail in the Undergraduate Regulations available from the Admissions and Student Recruitment Office on 0116 252 5281 or E-mail:


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