AGILE: Architectures for Mobility


IST-FET IST-2001-32747, EUR 1,377,000 (Leicester: EUR 125,494)


January 2002 - April 2005


Architecture-based approaches have been promoted as a means of controlling the complexity of system construction and evolution, namely for providing systems with the agility required to operate in turbulent environments and adapt very quickly to changes in the enterprise world. Recent technological advances in communication and distribution have made mobility an additional factor of complexity, one for which current architectural concepts and techniques are not prepared for. AGILE will provide means for addressing this new level of complexity by developing an architectural approach in which mobility aspects can be modelled explicitly and mapped on the distribution and communication topology made available at physical levels. The whole approach will be developed over a uniform mathematical framework based on graph-oriented techniques that will support sound methodological principles, formal analysis, and refinement.

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J L Fiadeiro (Site Leader), N Aoumeur, P Kosiuczenko, C Oliveira


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