BSc Medical Microbiology

C521 BSc Medical Microbiology

Duration: three years full-time or four years with a year abroad 

The Medical Microbiology degree will give you a thorough understanding of the range, type, structure and physiology of infectious organisms that cause disease in humans; including the major microbial diseases. You will appreciate how such organisms infect the human body promoting both health and disease and how such infections are prevented, managed or cured.  girl looking at plate

BSc Medical Microbiology 

First year

In addition to an introductory microbiology module you will take modules covering core aspects of biochemistry, genetics and physiology. These provide an important foundation both for microbiology and the disease-related aspects. You will also take modules in key skills including ICT and numeracy. Another module covers chemical principles which underpin medically-related sciences. This course is suitable for people without an A-level in chemistry.

Second year

In the second year, core modules in microbiology constitute half of the degree programme. One course examines the bacterial world, another concentrates on eukaryotic microbiology, immunology and virology. A third course is dedicated to medical microbiology. You will learn about the major pathogens, their associated diseases, diagnosis, treatment and epidemiology including public health measures. Optional modules taken from biochemistry, genetics or physiology will give you the opportunity to pursue your own interests.

Final year

Four microbiology modules are studied in this year. An infection and immunity module studies the infectious nature of micro-organisms in depth, the body’s response to infection and how the interplay between the two may lead to disease. A second biotechnology module looks at chemotherapy, drug discovery - development and vaccine manufacture. Another module is devoted to the viruses including cancer causing viruses, HIV, influenza, hepatitis viruses and even enigmatic mad cow associated prions. The final course is only for medical microbiologists and looks at the most interesting and advanced topics of microbial physiology, structure, genetics and disease in depth.

You will also undertake a research project associated with an active research laboratory in either the University or one of the University hospitals. This is an opportunity to conduct groundbreaking research in an area of medical microbiology that really interests you in association with an internationally renowned scientist. Or if you prefer, a library project on a relevant breaking subject.

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