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  Self-funded Projects

Project 1: Pulmonary Sequelae of Preterm Birth: Time Course of Recovery. More...  Supervisor: Dr Caroline Beardsmore, Dr Erol Gaillard and Dr Elaine Boyle (Department of Health Sciences)

Project 2: The role of peptidoglycan remodelling in Listeria monocytogenes persistence. More... Supervisor: Dr Galina Mukamolova and Professor Peter Andrew

Project 3: Nutritional virulence: how is the metabolism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis adapted to the pathogenic lifestyle? More... Supervisor: Dr Helen O'Hare

Project 4: Effects of bitter taste receptors on airway smooth muscle cell function. More... Supervisor: Dr Yassine Amrani

Project 5: Microparticles as biomarkers of early changes leading to cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease. More... Supervisor: Dr James Burton, Dr Karl Herbert (Cardiovascuar Sciences)

Project 6: The mechanism and intervention of acute renal injury. More... Supervisor: Dr Bin Yang and Professor Nigel Brunskill

Project 7: Understanding the pathogenic link between mucosal infection and IgA nephrothapy. More... Supervisor: Dr Jonathan Barratt

Project 8: Assessment of the therapeutic benefits of inhibiting lectin pathway functional activity in models of renal transplantation. More... Supervisor: Professor Wilhelm Schwaeble and Professor Michael Nicholson

Project 9: Mechanisms underlying the beneficial effects of C-peptide on kidney structure and function in models of diabetic nephropathy. More... Supervisor: Professor Nigel Brunskill

Project 10: Effect of fungal colonisation on epithelial function in asthma. More... Supervisor: Professor Andy Wardlaw, Professor Chris Brightling and Professor Chris O'Callaghan

Project 11: The roles of virulence proteins in infectious diseases due to Streptococcus pneumoniae. More... Supervisor: Professor Peter Andrew

Project 12: The genes that determine of susceptibility to pneumonia. More... Supervisor: Professor Peter Andrew

Project 13: Characterisation of the interactions of the Streptococcus pneumoniae toxin, pneumolysin, with soluble molecules of the immune system. More... Supervisor: Professor Russell Wallis and Professor Peter Andrew

Project 14: Structural characterization of initiating components of the innate immune system. More... Supervisor: Professor Russell Wallis

Project 15: Identification of host receptors for bacteriophages which infect Clostridium difficile. More... Supervisor: Professor Martha Clokie and Professor Russell Wallis

Project 16: PCR and Next-Generation Sequencing Techniques to Identify Respiratory Pathogens in the Sputum of Children and Adults with Cystic Fibrosis and Non Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis. More... Supervisor: Dr Erol Gaillard

Project 17: Multi-breath Nitrogen Washout in Children: How does the breathing pattern impact on the measurements? More... Supervisor: Dr Caroline Beardsmore


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Interested in applying?

If you are interested in any of these projects or require further information regarding postgraduate opportunities in the department please send an informal enquiry to Dr Caroline Beardsmore.

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You will need to secure your own funding for these projects UNLESS funding is specified.