Dr Prashant Kidambi

Associate Professor in Colonial Urban History

P KidambiContact Details

  • Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2766
  • Email: pk64@le.ac.uk
  • Office: Room 19, Marc Fitch House, Salisbury Road
  • Office Hours: Semester 2, Thursday 3pm-5pm
  • Dissertation Office Hour: Semester 2 Tuesday 3pm-4pm
  • Research Day: Monday
  • Biography

I trained as a historian at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, where I completed an M.A. and an M.Phil., before proceeding to the University of Oxford to undertake a doctorate. My D.Phil. thesis explored the nature of colonial governance and public culture in colonial Bombay during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. After holding a Junior Research Fellowship in History at Wolfson College, Oxford, I took up a lectureship in the School of History, University of Leicester, where I have taught ever since. I am also a member of the Centre for Urban History, a key research centre within the School.

In this film Dr Prashant Kidambi talks about his research interests exploring the interface between British imperialism and the history of modern South Asia. He is particularly interested in the imbrication of the global and the local in the making of South Asian cities.


PhD Supervision

Modern South Asian history: economy, culture and politics from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries; British imperialism in Africa, Australia and Asia; The social history of modern sport.  

Most Recent Publications

  1. ‘Modernity and the City in Colonial India’, in Janaki Nair (ed.), Urbanization in India (New Delhi, forthcoming 2013).
  2. ‘Planning, the Colonial “Information Order” and the Bombay Census of 1901’, Planning Perspectives, Special Section: the Indian Census of 1901 (forthcoming, 2013).
  3. ‘Sport and the Imperial Bond: The 1911 All-India Cricket Tour of Great Britain’, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, Special Issue: Sport and Diplomacy (forthcoming, 2013).
  4. ‘South Asia,’ in Peter Clark (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Cities in World History (Oxford, 2013), pp. 561-80.

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