Graham Martin

MA (Oxon), MSc (Bristol), PhD (Nottingham), FHEA

Professor of Health Organisation and Policy


Dr Graham Martin



Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester
22-28 Princess Road West 
Leicester, LE1 6TP

Tel: 00 44 116 252 3207



My research focuses on various issues in the organisation and delivery of health and social care, including:

  • The implementation of health and social care policy
  • Organisational change, management and the professions
  • Patient and public participation in health

After studying geography at Oxford and Bristol, I worked for three years at the Leicester Nuffield Research Unit in the Department of Health Sciences, on various research projects, including a national evaluation of intermediate care.  From 2004 to 2009, I worked at the University of Nottingham on further health-related research projects, including an evaluation of pilot NHS genetics initiatives. I also studied for my PhD, a study of service-user involvement in cancer-genetics provision.  I returned to Leicester to join the SAPPHIRE Group as senior lecturer in October 2009, and was promoted to a personal chair in April 2012.

Further information about my work can be found at



Director of Learning and Teaching, Department of Health Sciences, 2011-2012

Co-convener, British Sociological Association medical sociology study group, 2009-11

Associate board member, NIHR Health Services Research programme, 2010-2012

Deputy Lead, Population Sciences Theme, 2012-


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