Emmilie Aveling

Research Fellow


Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester 
22-28 Princess Road West
Leicester LE1 6TP

Tel: 00 44 116 252 3287

Email: eea5@le.ac.uk     



My background is in social and cultural psychology, having studied for a BSc in Psychology (University of Nottingham), an MPhil in Social & Developmental Psychology (University of Cambridge) and a PhD in Social Psychology (University of Cambridge). 

My main research focus is the conceptual and empirical exploration of psycho-social processes shaping health and development interventions in both developing and developed country contexts. I am particularly interested in community-based and partnership approaches to delivering quality health services and interventions, and the ways in which cultural and organisational contexts shape the behaviours of professionals, especially those working at the interface between service users or intervention participants and the institutions that fund and/or manage interventions and services. I work mainly using qualitative methodologies, particularly ethnography.

I am currently leading the Wellcome Trust funded study Improving patient safety through international partnerships: An ethnographic study, with co-investigators from the University of Leicester (Prof Mary Dixon-Woods, Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator), the University of Oxford, Gondar University (Ethiopia) and the Catholic University of Rwanda.



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