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  • Epidemiological surveys of adult autism spectrum disorders and other mental disorders

  • Prevention of perinatal depression

  • Measurement (psychopathology, stressful life events, social networks, autism in adulthood)
  • Social support networks
  • Evaluation of services for the severely mentally ill


  • Adult Psychiatry Morbidity Survey – 2006/7
  • Epidemiology of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in community adults -2007/11
  • ASD in adults in communal establishments and with intellectual disability - 2010/12
  • Screening for ASD in adults in contact with mental health services - 2011/12

  • Prevention of antenatal depression: the PAWs pilot RCT - 2010/12



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Graduated in Medicine from University College Dublin, 1976. Postgraduate training: Institute of Psychiatry London at the Medical Research Council Social Psychiatry Unit to 1987. I have worked as an Adult General Psychiatrist since 1977 and I am now working as a clinical specialist in autism in adult general psychiatry.

Other positions held:

·          Associate Editor, Psychological Medicine (Cambridge University Press; 

·          Chair, WHO Advisory Committee, Schedules for Clinical Assessment in
Neuropsychiatry (SCAN; 1998-)

·          Secretary General, International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology

·          Senior Medical Officer, Department of Health, London (1995-97)

·          SHO, Registrar, Senior Registrar, Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospital,
London (1980-87)

·          Member of the Scientific Staff, MRC Social Psychiatry Research Unit, 
and Lecturer, Institute of Psychiatry, London (1982-1987)


  • 2010 -  Board Member, National Autism Strategy Implementation, Department of Health, London.
  • 2010 - Chair, Clinical Network Autism Partnership East Midlands, England
  • 2006 - Member, Dimensional Approaches in Diagnostic Classification Workgroup for DSM-5. American Psychiatric Association, Washington DC
  • 1998 - Chairman, World Health Organisation Advisory Committee for Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry. Leading on use of SCAN in testing of proposed new diagnostic criteria for APA DSM-5 (as above) and preparation of SCAN version 3.0 to be compatable with DSM-5 (2012) and with ICD-11 (2014).
  • Advisor to most relevant grant funding bodies (MRC, Welcome, NIHR etc.)
  • Adviser to Department of Health on psychiatric epidemiology (since 1994), policy on autism in adults (since 2006).
  • Adviser to  Number 10 Policy Unit on quality of data collected on mental illness in government psychiatric surveys
  • 2002 - 2007 Elected, Secretary General, International Federation for Psychiatric Epidemiology.
  • Advisor to Royal College of Psychiatrists on clinical training on ASD and Asperger Syndrome.
  • 1993 - Associate Editor, Psychological Medicine
  • 2003 - 2010 Deputy Head & Director of Research of Department of Health Sciences
  • Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist and Director Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment and Liaison Service, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

  • Unit Head, Academic Unit for Social and Epidemiological Psychiatry, Department of Health Sciences


  • BGS, Brighton, UK, 2011. Epidemiology of Autism spectrum Disorder in Adults

  • IFPE, Khaoshiung, Taiwan, 2011. Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults
  • IFPE, Vienna, 2009. 500 Delegates. Mental Health and Mental Disorder and Public Health Action


  • Vesna Jordanova part time PhD student
    Title of thesis: Asperger syndrome in the UK national survey population: prevalence, comorbidity, and disability across the lifespan
  • Abdolreza Ashtarikiani part time PhD student
    Title of thesis: Prevalence of mental illness in people with learning disability who have visual and/or hearing impairment

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