Social & Epidemiological Psychiatry

The Social & Epidemiological Psychiatry Research Group consists of two interrelated research areas in adult mental health and disability (Professor Brugha), and in the psychiatry of older people (Dr Velayudhan and Emeritus Professor Lindesay). The group conducts substantive, applied and methodological research. The Group is closely allied with other research groups within the Department of Health Sciences with growing links with the Department of Psychology. The group also makes a substantial contribution to survey Secondary Analysis Collaborations with strong links to other academic institutions throughout the world. Long-term collaborations are maintained with the following universities: Cambridge (England); the Institute of Psychiatry (London), Bristol, Sheffield, Groningen, Harvard.

The group has been able to lead on the solution to substantive research questions with its collaborations with external and world class expertise in survey methods and instrument development and evaluation, developmental psychopathology and social care, adult psychopathology and social influences on health, mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention, developmental psychology, criminology and the psychology of delinquency, drug misuse and crime, ageing and memory, suicide and deliberate self harm; and across the group long standing relationships and firsthand experience in policy information research in British and EU Government settings.

The group also offers a Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN) Version 2.1 Training Course twice a year in collaboration with local NHS partners.

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