Andrew Wilson, MD, FRCGP

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Department of Health Sciences
Centre for Medicine
University of Leicester
Leicester LE1 7RH

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 5417



Health services research in primary care and at its interface with public health and secondary care. Specific topics include intermediate care and alternatives to hospital admission and management and prevention of stroke in primary care.

  • Establishing System Change for Admissions of People 85+ (ESCAPE 85+)
  • Evaluation of Intensive Community Support
  • Principal in general practice, Saffron Group Practice, Leicester (2 sessions a week)
  • External examiner, MBChB, University of Manchester
  • Associate editor, BMC Family Practice
  • Advisor (smoking cessation), NICE led QoF development group
  • Member, NIHR-RDS East Midlands Management Board

PhD supervision

  • Ainsley Hardy, part time (2008- 11), Title: Developing a patient-centred intermediate care service for diabetes
  • Kate Lager, full time (2010-13), Title: Secondary prevention of stroke/TIA in primary care
  • Nichola Walker, part time (2013- present), Title: Explanations for the variation in chronic disease management in primary care: A mixed methods study
  • Caroline Morris, full time (2014- present), Title: Pay for performance: Valuing or debasing quality and safety in primary care?
  • Studentship out to advert, full time (2014-17), Title: Transient neurological attacks in Primary care: Epidemiology and prognosis



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