Quality and Service Delivery

Quality and Service Delivery

QSD is a multidisciplinary research group that uses a range of methods to address issues of quality of care and service delivery. These include evidence synthesis, qualitative work to build theory, the development of interventions, and their testing in pragmatic trials as well as work focused on policy.

Group members include clinicians and scientists undertaking health services research in primary care, women’s and reproductive health and health care for older people.  Several projects draw on methodological expertise in other departmental groups, particularly SAPPHIRE and Biostatistics.  Primary care researchers within the group are also members of the Division of Primary Care.

Our research is funded by NIHR, the Health Foundation, EU and other major funders.

Within the undergraduate medical course, the group leads the taught element of the iBSc scheme C programme and regularly supervises student projects.  We also lead the MRes in Applied Health Research, and offer a range of PhD opportunities.


For general enquiries, please email hsenquiries@le.ac.uk or telephone 0116 252 5402

Research Group Lead

NameE-mailTelephone (0116)Room
Professor Andrew Wilson aw7@le.ac.uk 252 5417 CFM 3.41


Academic Staff

NameE-mailTelephone (0116)Room
Professor Richard Baker rb14@le.ac.uk 252 3202 CFM 3.42
Professor Douglas Tincello dgt4@le.ac.uk 252 5451 CFM 3.39


Research Staff

NameE-mailTelephone (0116)Room
Kay Phelps kp14@le.ac.uk 252 5435 CFM 4.38
Emma Regen elr14@leac.uk 252 5438 CFM 4.38
Nicola Walker nsw5@le.ac.uk 252 5464 CFM 4.52
Dr Christopher Williams cdw4@le.ac.uk 252 5430 CFM 3.50
Kate Williams ksw6@le.ac.uk 252 5432 CFM 3.36


Administration Staff

NameE-mailTelephone (0116)Room
Janet Hood jh449@le.ac.uk 252 3285 CFM 4.38


Honorary Staff

NameE-mailTelephone (0116)Room
Dr Simon Conroy spc3@le.ac.uk 252 5992 CFM 3.37


Postgraduate Research Students

Alison Ledward al281@le.ac.uk

Grants & Awards

NIHR Senior Investigator Award
Grant Holder: Richard Baker
Funding Body: National Institute of Health Research
Award: £60,000
Ref: RM62G0356

Measuring General Practice productivity
Grant Holder: Richard Baker
Funding Body: NIHR
Award: £5,782
Duration: June 2015 - November 2017
Ref: RM62G0634

Antenatal Prophylactic Pelvic Floor Exercises and Localisation (APPEAL)
Grant Holder: Doug Tincello
Funding Body: NIHR
Award: £13,132
Duration: October 2015 - September 2020
Ref: RM62G0673

BGS Specialist Registrar Start-up Grant.  Urine Dips Project
Grant Holder: Simon Conroy
Funding Body: GERIASOC
Award: £9,924.80
Duration: September 2015 - December 2016
Ref: RM62G0701

RCF Funding to Support The Stroke Intervention
Grant Holder: Andrew Wilson
Funding Body: Leicester City CCG
Award: £22,735
Duration: Jan 2015 - December 2016
Ref: RM62J0012

Understanding Why People With Type II Diabetes Choose Not To Attend Structured Education
Grant Holder: Andrew Wilson
Funding Body: Leicester Diabetes Centre
Award: £13,515, Supplement £1,677.46
Duration: May 2016 - December 2016
Ref: RM62G0743

East Midlands Health Services Research Speciality Lead
Grant Holder: Andrew Wilson
Funding Body: NIHR
Award: £3,454
Duration: February 2016 - March 2017
Ref: RM62G0......

LCCCG RCF Funds for 2016/17 Round 2
Grant Holder: Richard Baker
Funding Body: LCCCG
Award: £2,940
Duration: February 2016 - March 2017
Ref: RM62G0774 Supplement




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