The Graduate School Research Student Handbook 2016-17

The Research Student Handbook is your guide to The Graduate School and the Leicester research student experience.

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This handbook will help you make the most of your time at the University of Leicester and we hope that it will be of value to you both at the start of your degree right through to your final year. 

The Handbook is designed primarily for research students on PhD, MD, PsyD, and MPhil programmes - but those on other research degree programmes will also find useful general advice.


1.0 The Graduate School and Our Research Student Community

2.0 You, Your Supervisory Team, and Making the Most of Supervision

3.0 Skills and Career Development

4.0 Probation and Progress Monitoring

5.0 Academic and Personal Support

6.0 Registration and Administrative Support

7.0 Thesis Submission and Examination

Appendix - Regulations Governing Research Degree Programmes

You can download a print version of the Handbook:

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Research Student Handbook 2016-17

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