Festival of Postgraduate Research 2017

The Festival is a key event in the University's calendar where we display to the world outside the University the impressive and ground-breaking research done by our postgraduate researchers.

Showcasing the research stars of tomorrow!

The Festival is a unique opportunity for researchers to develop their presentation and communication skillsWe are seeking entries from research students in all disciplines who can communicate their work as a poster and use both images and words to share their research passion with a wide audience.

Your poster should provide the audience with a clear idea of what your research has found and its real world significance. Entries will be judged on the visual effectiveness of the poster, its ability to communicate research in a non-technical way, and on your ability to respond to questions from our panel of judges.

Fifty posters will be accepted for display at the 2017 Festival of Postgraduate Research on Thursday, 29 June 2017 and prizes will be available for the best entries.

Shortlisted participants will benefit from the following unique workshops:

  • vocal training delivered
  • confidence building

For distance learning and part-time research students who cannot attend the Festival in person we have a separate poster-only category and will offer unique webinars.


To apply please fill out the form and submit your abstract - the closing date for applications is Tuesday, 4 April 2017.


Application Now Closed


Want to know more? See Frequently Asked Questions.

See the Rules for Entrants.

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