Professor Mike Branney

Mike BranneyProfessor of Volcanology

Direct contact:
T: 0116 252 3647 

Research Group: Volcanoes, Tectonics and Mineral Resources

Research Interests

  • Physical volcanology, using sedimentological and structural techniques to investigate catastrophic processes.
  • Large explosive eruptions: scales and frequencies; how eruptions evolve with time; sedimentary responses; environmental effects.
  • Catastrophic sedimentation: pyroclastic density currents, turbidity currents, lahars, hyperconcentrated floods, debris-avalanches.
  • Volcanic structures: structure of caldera collapse; piecemeal foundering, block tilting; effects on eruptive behaviour.
  • Flow processes in lavas and rheomorphic ignimbrites: kinematics of ductile deformation of hot tuffs, lavas and dykes.
  • Fieldwork includes the Snake River - Yellowstone Volcanic Province of USA; Pantelleria, Italy; Mount Pinatubo, Philippines; Central Mexican Volcanic Belt; Canary Islands; South Korea; and Scafell caldera, English Lake District.
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Four Recent Publications

  • Knott, T.R., Branney, M.J., Reichow, M.K., Finn, D.R., Coe, R.S., Storey, M., Bonnichsen,B. 2016. Rheomorphic ignimbrites of the Rogerson Formation, central Snake River Plain, USA: record of mid-Miocene rhyolitic explosive eruptions and associated crustal subsidence along the Yellowstone hotspot-track. Bulletin of Volcanology 78: 4 Article 23  doi 10.1007/s00445-016-1003-x
  • Branney, M.J., Acocella, V. 2015. Calderas. In: Sigurdsson. H., Houghton, H., Rymer, H., Stix, J., McNutt, S. (eds) The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes. 2nd Ed. Elsevier. pp 299-315. ISBN: 9780123859389
  • Davila-Harris P., Branney M.J., Storey M., 2011. Large, eruption-triggered ocean-island landslide at Tenerife: onshore record and long-term affect on hazardous pyroclastic dispersal. Geology 39: 951-954 doi 10.1130/G31994.1
  • Branney, M.J., Brown, R.J. 2011. Impactoclastic density current emplacement of terrestrial meteorite-impact ejecta and the formation of dust pellets and accretionary lapilli: evidence from Stac Fada, Scotland. Journal of Geology 119: 275-292. doi: 10.1086/659147


  • Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Award for 2012-13


  • Field techniques, and field courses in Wales and Tenerife
  • Physical volcanology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Sedimentology
  • Geological map interpretation
  • More on Teaching


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