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Leicester Geography in the News: Gastro-pubs and ‘Hipsterification’

Leicester Human Geography Professor, Loretta Lees, is featured on BBC World News and CNN, examining the links between emergent consumer culture, ‘creative economy’ and gentrification in London. She notes well-worn patterns whereby ‘creative class’ moves to an area typically characterized as deprived for its cheap rent; attracted to cool vibe, more people move-in, and higher-earners follow bringing increased tax-base and demanding higher services. This process drives up costs of rent, local good and services, and house prices –forcing out marginalized members of the community in the process. Lees comments that this has been happening all over London and other cities, and is part of a much longer, extremely complex process euphemistically referred to as ‘urban renewal’ by some and ‘social exclusion’ by others: "Local borough councils have been heavily supportive of policies and processes of gentrification but they'll call them regeneration, particularly arts led, around places like Hackney and Dalston," says Lees.

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