Leicester Lidar Research Unit (LLRU)


An interdisciplinary research group working towards the development of techniques, methods and applications of Lidar remote sensing and image interpretation.



  • Application of airborne Lidar to mapping seismogenic faults in forested mountainous terrain in Slovenia (Cunningham, Grebby, Gosar, Tansey)
  • Automatic 3-D modelling of vegetation from laser scanner (Alexander, Tansey, Smith-Voysey)
    3-D Visualization of OS MasterMap® Using Height Data from Lidar (Alexander, Smith-Voysey, Tate, Alexander, Tansey)
  • Application of airborne Lidar to fault mapping, structural analysis, and identification of fracture controlled mineralisation, Slovenia and Cyprus (Grebby, Cunningham, Naden, Tansey)
  • Terrestrial laser scanning for forest mensuration (Tansey, Selmes, Anstee, Tate, Denniss)
  • Modelling and Prediction of GPS availability and multipath with Lidar DSM and OS master map (Li)
  • The use of Lidar data for improved GPS height aiding computation - GPS/GIS integration (Li)



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