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Claire BurwellPostgraduate Researcher

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PhD in GIS

Comparison of 2D and 3D visualisation for interpretation and measurement of LiDAR point clouds.

My background is in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), which I first came across as an undergraduate at the University of East Anglia, in 2001, where I gained a diploma in Environmental Sciences. I completed my BSc (Hons) in Geography at the University of Leicester (2006-08) and stayed in the department to study an MSc in GIS (2008-09, ESRI UK 2009 prize), which was funded by NERC. In 2011, I returned to carry out my PhD, which follows on from my masters research on 3D visualisation of LiDAR data via head-mounted displays.

My current research involves visual analysis of LiDAR point cloud data in the Geography Department’s 3D stereo virtual reality theatre. Both 2D (monocular) and stereo 3D displays are tested by individuals when carrying out data exploration, interpretation, and measurement tasks. Qualitative and quantitative results will help determine whether stereoscopic 3D visualisation techniques could give added-value to standard LiDAR data analysis. The outcome will also contribute to broader geovisualisation and remote-sensing discussions.

Funding and Supervision

This project is funded by the Geography Department through the University of Leicester’s College of Science and Engineering's PhD scholarship scheme and through the University’s Research Training Support Grant. The work is being carried out under the supervision of Dr. Claire Jarvis and Dr. Kevin Tansey.


If you would like to get in touch about this project or related work, please feel free to email me at


Conference Proceedings


  • Burwell, C. (2009) 3D visualization of LiDAR point clouds in an immersive virtual reality environment. Presented at Research Sponsored MSc Programme Presentation Day, Ordnance Survey, Southampton, UK. 25 Sept 2009 [Awarded First Prize]


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