Professor David Twell

Dave Twell

Professor of Plant Biology

Adrian Building, Lab 311, Office 313


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David studied Botany at Durham University where he became fascinated with plants, genes and development. He went on to study for a PhD at Rothamsted Experimental Station, Herts and Imperial College London, investigating plant transformation and storage protein genes in potato. He then decided to ‘go west’ as a Post Doctoral Research Geneticist to investigate sexual reproduction and gene regulation in tomato at the Plant Gene Expression Centre in Albany, CA. David returned to the UK in 1990 having been awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship to study plant genetics and reproductive biology in the Leicester Biocentre. He subsequently joined the Department of Botany and was awarded a personal Chair at the University in 2000.  He then moved to the Department of Biology and joined the Department of Genetics in 2015.

Research Interests

Plant reproductive cell biology; Plant developmental biology; Molecular-genetics of plant sexual reproduction; Pollen Development; Genes and proteins regulating asymmetric cell division and germ cell specification; Transcriptional and cell cycle networks in male gametogenesis; Diversity and mechanisms of control by small RNA pathways in male gametophyte development.





BS1003 Cell & Developmental Biology

BS3018 Genes & Development

PhD position available


BBSRC-funded PhD studentship in Molecular Reproductive Development:

The role of gene regulatory networks in plant germline development and crop fertility









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