Dr Christopher D.Bayliss

Dr Chris Bayliss
RCUK Research Fellow

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E-Mail: cdb12@le.ac.uk



BSc, PhD



Chris Bayliss grew up in rural villages of Surrey and South Yorkshire. After completing his first degree in Microbiology (Aberystwyth, University College of Wales), he went on to clone and sequence a dsRNA virus of chickens as part of his PhD at Houghton Poultry Research Institute in Cambridgeshire. He then undertook two three-year research projects on the molecular biology of vaccinia virus, firstly in the University of Florida, located in Gainesville, and then back across the Atlantic in Oxford.

In 1997, Chris joined a team at the Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine, Oxford, dedicated to investigating the mechanisms responsible for surface variability in two bacterial pathogens responsible for meningitis. After seven-years, he moved to the University of Nottingham where he held a Wellcome Trust Value in People Award. Chris obtained an RCUK Research Fellow in the Department of Genetics, University of Leicester in 2007 and leads an active research group with an interest in hypermutable DNA sequences.



Research Interests




Postgraduate Teaching

PhD supervisor

MSc in Molecular Medical Genetics: Project Supervisor

Undergraduate Teaching

BS3009 Genomics: A Microbial Perspective:Co-convenor

BS3012 Infection and Immunity


Other Responsibilities

Genetic Modification Sub-Committee member

Outreach: talks to Meningitis Research Foundation


PhD Projects

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