Women in Literature, Culture and Society, 1850 - 1900

Tutor: Dr Claire Brock

Course code: EN7126


This interdisciplinary module will introduce students to the exciting range of writings by and about women in the second half of the nineteenth century.


Central concerns will be those surrounding contentious contemporary issues, such as:

  • women and domesticity;
  • the delights and dangers of the city;
  • the place of the fallen woman in nineteenth-century society;
  • medical and scientific definitions of woman;
  • the professional woman writers;
  • feminist and anti-feminist debates. 

Visual representations will also be used to illuminate textual material and students will be encouraged to take advantage of the Library’s digital databases to enhance their understanding of the period.

Databases included are:

  • Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers,
  • Nineteenth-Century Parliamentary Papers,
  • Nineteenth-Century UK Periodicals.


A 4,000-word essay.

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