Staff List

Add 0116 252 before the extension number to telephone from outside of the University. All staff offices are in the Attenborough Tower and the School Office is on the 15th floor.

Head of School

Name Position/SubjectTelEmail Room
Dr Philip Shaw English Language and Old English 5363 1615

Academic Staff

Dr Joe Anderton Teaching Fellow
Dr Jim Askham Lecturer in Education, TESOL and TESOL with Applied Linguistics 252 3684
Dr Claire Brock Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Literature 2533 1512
Emeritus Professor Gordon Campbell Renaissance Literature 2633 1412
Dr David Clark Old and Middle English Literature 2636 1408
Dr Anne Marie D'Arcy Medieval and Renaissance Literature 2637 1404
Professor Gowan Dawson Victorian Literature 2779 1413
Professor Martin Dzelzainis Renaissance Literature and Thought 2628 1410
Dr Lucy Evans Postcolonial Literature 2742 1511
Dr Mel Evans English Language and Linguistics 7568 1403
Mr Nicholas Everett American Literature 2644 1301
Dr Zalfa Feghali American Literature 2626 1510
Emeritus Professor Richard Foulkes Theatre History 2642 1412
Dr Corinne Fowler Twentieth-Century Postcolonial Literature (223) 1435 1409
Professor Glenn Fulcher Professor of Education and Language Assessment, Language Testing and Assessment 229 7508
Dr Sarah Graham American Literature 2625 1304

Dr Chryso Hadjidemetriou

English Language 1398 1508
Professor Martin Halliwell American Literature and Culture 2645 1302
Dr Felicity James Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Literature 2199 1507
Dr Jim King Lecturer in Education, Applied Linguistics 229 7538
Professor Sarah Knight Renaissance Literature 2631 1402
Dr Kate Loveman Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Literature 2627 1407
Dr Mary Ann Lund Early Modern Literature 5262 1312
Professor Gail Marshall Director of the Victorian Studies Centre 2632 1313
Dr Catherine Morley American Literature 1068 1305
Emeritus Professor Vincent Newey Victorian Literature
Dr Julian North Romantic and Victorian Literature 2776 1308
Dr Julie Norton Lecturer in Education, Applied Linguistics
Language, Culture and Identity
229 7541
Dr Emma Parker Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Literature 2630 1405
Dr Ben Parsons Medieval and Early Modern Literature 5073 1414
Professor David Pedder Director of Research 229 7505
Dr Mark Rawlinson Twentieth-Century Literature 2639 1306
Dr Pamela Rogerson-Revell Senior Lecturer in Education, Applied Linguistics
English as an International Language
229 7512
Emeritus Professor Joanne Shattock Victorian Literature 2642 1412
Professor Philip Shaw Romantic Literature 2632 1310
Dr Nick Smith Senior Lecturer in Education, Applied Linguistics 229 7525
Professor Martin Stannard Twentieth-Century Literature 2621 1309
Dr Victoria Stewart Twentieth-Century Literature 2634 1314
Dr Agneta Svalberg Senior Lecturer of Applied Linguistics 229 7503
Dr Jonathan Taylor Creative Writing 2778 1513
Mechelle Thompson Programme Administrator
- MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL Campus Based
- MA TESOL Campus Based
252 3674
Dr Cathleen Waters English Language (223)1286 1509
Dr Harry Whitehead Creative Writing 3357 1604

University Tutors

Katie Bell 1602
Rob Jones II 1602
Tom Kew 1602
Clare Mendes 1602
Emma Reddy 1602
Kristan Tetens 1602
Alice Turner 1602
Joanna Wilson 1602

Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates

Dr Geoffrey Belknap 252 2635 1401

Dr Alberto Fernández Carbajal

252 2635 1401
Dr Barbara Cooke 252 2635 1401
Dr Martin Findell 223 1235 704

Related Academic Staff

Dr Chris Lima (ELTU; PGCert TEAP)
Professor Elaine Treharne

Honorary Visiting Fellows

Dr Ling Lin
Dr Takako Kato
Professor Abdur Raheem Kidwai
Dr Sonia Suman

Honorary Visiting Creative Writing Fellows

Jean Binta Breeze
John Siddique
Sean Body
Andrew Mitchell
Jez Simons
Kerry Young

Professional Services Staff

Professional services staff are located on the 15th floor of the Attenborough Tower

School Manager

Paula Warrington 2792 1504

Office for Undergraduate and MA students

General Enquiries General enquiries 2620 1514
Alex Reay
General enquiries
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions
Undergraduate admissions 2214 1514
Postgraduate admissions 2214 1514
David Revill
Programme Administrator
(Current Undergraduate and Postgraduate student enquiries)
Undergraduate enquiries 2622 1514
Undergraduate enquiries 2622 1514

Office for PhD students

General enquiries 2623 1501
Stephanie Collins
Research and Resources Administrator
2623 1501

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