Professor Joanne Shattock

shattock, joanneB. A. (New Brunswick), M. A. (Leeds), Phd. (London), Hon. D. Litt (New Brunswick)

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Research Interests

My research interests focus on the nineteenth-century periodical press, nineteenth-century women's writing, book history, life-writing, and bibliography.  I am general editor, with Elisabeth Jay,  of a  25 volume edition of Selected Works of Margaret Oliphant published by Pickering & Chatto/Routledge (2011-6),  supported by a grant from the British Academy and a  Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship.  An edited collection, Journalism and the Periodical Press in Nineteenth-Century Britain is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press (2016).  I co-edit, with Vincent Newey, the Nineteenth Century Series for Routledge.  I am currently President of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals.


25 volume edition of Selected Works of Margaret Oliphant

The Cambrdige Companion English Literature 1830-1914 - book coverCurrent Postgraduate Supervision

I am currently supervising dissertations on Eliza Meteyard and Radical Publishing, and on Harriet Martineau,  psychology and the mid-nineteenth century novel.


Recent publications

Selected Works of Margaret Oliphant 25 vols . London: Pickering & Chatto/Routledge 2011-16. Ed vol. 1 Literary Criticism 1854-69 , 2011; vol. 5 Literary Criticism 1887-97 (with V. Sanders and J. Wilkes), 2012; Vol. 13 Essays on Life-Writing and History, 2013;  and vol. 17 The Perpetual Curate, 2014.

'Literature and the Expansion of the Press', in the Oxford Handbook of Victorian Literary Culture, ed. Juliet John. Oxford University Press,  2016, pp. 507-21.

'Becoming a Professional Writer', in The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women's Writing, ed. Linda H. Peterson, Cambridge University Press,  2015, pp.29-42.

'Margaret Oliphant and the Changing House of Blackwood' in Studies in Victorian and Modern Literature. A Tribute to John Sutherland, ed. William Baker, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2015, pp. 51-60.

'Elizabeth Gaskell: Book Reviewer', in Elizabeth Gaskell: a Study of Novellas and Short Stories. tr Chieko Ichikawa.  Osaka: Kyoiku Tosho, 2015, pp. 15-26.

'Contexts and Conditions of Criticism', The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism ed. M. A. R. Habib. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013, pp.21-45.

'Publishers and Publication' and 'Editions of George Eliot's Works' in George Eliot in Context, ed. M. Harris. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013, pp.12-33.

'The Publishing Industry' in The Oxford History of the Novel in English. vol. 3 1820-1880. (eds) Jennny Bourne Taylor and John Kucich. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012 , pp. 3-21

'Newspapers and Magazines' in The Brontes in Context, ed. Marianne Thormahlen, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012, pp. 269-75.

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