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fowler, corinne

Associate Professor of Twentieth Century Postcolonial Literature

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BA MA (Leeds) PhD (Stirling)

I am Director of the Centre for New Writing. I specialise in regional British black and British Asian writing and am co-author of Postcolonial Manchester: Diaspora Space and the Devolution of Literary Culture (Manchester University Press, 2013).

As part of my research (see below) I regularly interview writers (including Amiri Baraka, Jean 'Binta' Breeze, Tracie Morris, Bali Rai, Michael Horovitz, Ben Okri and Jon McGregor) at festivals such as Literary Leicester and Manchester Literature Festival. Recordings can be found by clicking on the Centre for New Writing link on the right hand bar of this page.

I'm also Director of External Relations and am on the Literary Leicester Festival Committee.





  • Travel Writing and Ethics. Theory and Practice ed. by Corinne Fowler, Charles Forsdick and Ludmilla Kostova (Routledge, 2013)
  • Postcolonial Manchester: devolved literary cultures (Manchester University Press, 2013), with Lynne Pearce
  • Chasing Tales.  Travel writing, journalism and the history of British ideas about Afghanistan (Rodopi, 2007)
  • Migration Stories ed. by Corinne Fowler, Muli Amaye and Martin de Mello (Crocus Books, 2009)

Special issues of journals

  • Region/Writing/Home: Relocating British Diasporas, Moving Worlds volume 9:2, 2009, ed. with Graham Mort
  • Journeys: 'Travel and Ethics' (4:1), 2003

Journal articles

  • 'Carers Cruising Cumbria and Meals on the Mile: Migrants in Fieldwork and Fiction', Mobilities (7: 2) 2012, with Sondra Cuban
  • 'A Tale of Two Novels: devolving black British writing', Journal of Commonwealth Literature (43:3) 2008, pp. 75-94
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  • 'Khaled Hosseini: The Kite Runner (2004)' in the Literary Encyclopaedia

Book chapters

  • 'The Poetics and Politics of Spoken Word Poetry' in The Cambridge Companion to Black British Writing, ed. Deirdre Osborne, 2015.
  • 'Travel and Ethics' in The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing, ed. Carl Thompson, 2015.
  • 'Fiction and Affect: Anglophone Travel Writing and the Case of Paraguay' in Travel Writing and Ethics. Theory and Practice, ed. Charles Forsdick, Corinne Fowler and Ludmilla Kostova (London: Routledge 2012)
  • 'Feminist imperialism: travel writing and journalism past and present' in The Politics of Gender (Routledge, 2009)
  • 'The problem of narrative authority: Kate Karko and Catherine Oddie' in Siegal, Kristi (ed) Gender, Genre and Identity in Women's Travel Writing (Peter Lang Publishing) 2003, pp. 209-224

Creative writing

  • 'North, South: Britain's alternative literary landscapes', The London Magazine, March/April 2010
  • 'The Flood', Arabesques Review, 2007, pp. 29-35
  • 'Clackmannan Tower' in Days Like This, Edinburgh: Luath Press, 2009, pp. 143-146
  • 'The Black Devon', New Writing Scotland, volume 27, 2009
  • Migration Stories, ed. by Muli Amaye, Martin De Mello and Corinne Fowler (Crocus Books, 2009)


I am currently writing a book called Green Unpleasant Land: Creative Responses to Britain's Historical Black Presence. I also have an interest in Afghanistan, My monograph, Chasing Tales: travel writing, journalism and the history of ideas about Afghanistan (2007), investigates the legacy of traumatic Anglo-Afghan encounter to contemporary travel narratives, ethnography and journalism.

I was was director of an Arts Council-funded project called 'Grassroutes: Contemporary Leicestershire Writing' (2011-12), which promotes critical engagement with transcultural writing from Leicestershire.

Several publications have also arisen from my research on an AHRC-funded project called 'Moving Manchester', for which I conducted interviews with creative writers and created an online catalogue of creative writing. I recently curated an exhibition entitled 'Writing Manchester: literature in the city since 1960', which aimed to promote the work of independent and community publishers.

I've has also published a number of short stories and co-edited a volume called Travel Writing and Ethics: Theory and Practice (Routledge, 2013), containing essays by scholars of postcolonial theory and travel writing.


  • Travel writing


  • Afghanistan
  • British black and British Asian literary cultures
  • Country houses' colonial connections
  • Creative-critical and critical-creative writing
  • Creative writing (fiction)
  • Regional writing and publishing
  • Rural racism
  • Travel writing
  • Research degrees in English

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