Sweet lollage or noob dotcom? Define your slang

Slang survey and a new book in the School of English
Sweet lollage or noob dotcom? Define your slang

The Life of Slang (book cover)

In anticipation of the publication of Professor Julie Coleman's The Life of Slang, Oxford University Press are undertaking a survey of current slang usage. We're particularly interested in variations between different age groups and geographical differences, so whatever your age and wherever you are, it would be great to hear about your slang. You can also read a blog post about The Life of Slang and explore slang glossaries compiled by students in the School of English.

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We are delighted to congratulate our student Abbi Gore, who was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Student of the Year as well as Student Ambassador of the Year at a ceremony at the Percy Gee Students' Union on 18th June.