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The Centre for New Writing supports the work of writers, teachers of creative writing, independent publishers and literary agencies. Our workshops, colloquia, lectures, masterclasses and seminar series are free and open to the general public.

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MA in Creative Writing

Michael Morpurgo
Michael Morpurgo gives the Annual Creative Writing Lecture at the Centre on 4th May 2017. c OsborneHollis photography

Interests of Centre Members

Members of the centre are particularly interested in the following aspects of contemporary creative writing:

Regional Literary Cultures

We are committed to investigating, and promoting, regional literary cultures. British writing has long been devolved to the UK's many regions yet talented regional writers struggle against London's literary dominance, a dominance that potentially hinders the country's literary development.

Creative Writing Commissions

The Centre actively seeks funding to commission new writing. We have awarded over 70 creative writing commissions. We have collaborated with archivists, historians and scientists to create commissions which allow commissioned writers to develop their professional profiles and learn new skills, such as archival research techniques or turning their writing into film.

Creative Writing Pedagogy

We are interested in creative writing pedagogy, both within and beyond the Anglophone world. Creative Writing is developing globally as a subject and members of the Centre are investigating the implications of this for creative innovation and practice. In 2014, Daljit Nagra joined a team of published writers from the Centre for its first teacher training course, entitled Teaching Creative Writing at Post-16 Level: For Teachers Who Write (Or Want to Write).

Literary Innovation and New Technologies

How are contemporary literary cultures and technological developments shaping the ways we read and write? What are the most influential current innovations in fiction, non-fiction and academic writing? Where do these originate and where are they leading us? How can academics and creative writers best engage with new literary approaches, forms, forums and practices such as Twitter, e-books, new modernisms, experimental biography, ficto-criticism and practice-based research?


Leicester Refugees Meet MA Creative Writers

Read an article written by Alexandros Plasatis about the workshop.

PhD Student Essay Winner

Creative Writing PhD student Kevan Manwaring has won a national essay competition. His 1500 word essay on the theme of ‘Books and the Human’, entitled The (Re)Imagined Book, was the winner in its category, and one of the Top 5 submitted nationally for the AHRC competition, marking its tenth anniversary.

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