Industrial Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Power Electronics and Pulsed Power Research
Industrial Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research Group
The Industrial Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research Group has expertise in electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena, a wide range of electronic systems, power electronics, novel electrical machines, electrical propulsion, and electromagnetic modelling and prototyping of superconducting machines. Work ranges from fundamental research to industrial consultancy.
Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena
The “High Voltage Lab” encompasses a diversity of activity following the theme of Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena. We particularly welcome industrially-oriented research and consultancy.
Advanced Superconducting Materials and Machines Group
Research in the Superconducting Materials and Machines Lab is on the electromagnetic modelling, prototyping, optimization, and physical understanding of Innovative Superconducting Technologies, ranging from the study of Josephson Junctions at microscopic level, up to the prototyping of superconducting propulsion systems for the naval industry, the integration of superconducting technologies for grid resilience and energy storage systems, and large-scale modelling and analysis of power systems enabling the share of renewables. The group also specializes in the application of variational methods and optimal control algorithms for a large set of problems which may include aspects of econophysics and materials science.
Electronics, Machines, Propulsion and Energy Systems
Research in the Electronics, Machines, Propulsion Systems and Renewable Energy Laboratories is related to many aspects of practical electronics including the generation and utilisation of electrical power as well. There has also been a lot of fundamental work on the development of high efficiency and high power electrical machines for traction and specialist applications including extremely high speeds, such as turbo compressors.
Renewable Power Generation and Energy Storage
Renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar radiation offer the potential of sustainable, pollution-free electricity generation but pose a technological challenge due to their intermittent character. The main research activities in this field are related to interfacing and control of renewable energy generators and networks including energy storage at the local level, using power-electronic circuits where necessary. Funding for this research has been obtained from EPSRC, DTI, EU, local charities as well as industrial collaboration.
Electrical Machines and Power Electronics
The Electrical and Electronic Power Engineering Group is actively engaged in research into power electronic systems, novel electrical machines, and drives. There is a blend of interests and skills amongst the academic and research staff, providing a rare multidisciplinary strength to the Group; including expertise in very high voltage and current, novel magnetic design and power systems. The aim of the research is to make significant contributions to the understanding and development of power electronics, machines and derived systems.
File Electronics Expertise

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