Dr Saeeda Shah

Dr Saeeda ShahDr Saeeda Shah

MEd (Manchester), PhD (Nottingham)

Tel: 0116 229 7522

Email: sjas2@le.ac.uk

21 University Road, LE1 7RF


Saeeda Shah is Reader in the School of Education, University of Leicester. Previously she has taught for many years in higher education in Pakistan, holding senior management posts. Before coming to the University of Leicester, Saeeda was Professor and Dean at the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. She was awarded the Best University Teacher Millennium Award 2000 by the University Grants Commission, Pakistan.

Saeeda is Member of the College International Strategy Forum and Postgraduate Tutor PhD. She teaches on educational leadership and management programmes at Masters and Doctoral levels and supervises a number of doctoral students from the UK and overseas, both on the EdD and PhD. Saeeda was programme leader for Msc Educational Leadership till June 2014 and Chair of the College of Social Sciences Equality and Diversity Committee till July 2016. In October 2015, she was awarded Inspirational BME Lifetime Achievement Award at the University of Leicester.

In addition to her responsibilities at the University of Leicester, Saeeda holds many external positions including Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Derby, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), Member editorial boards of International Journal of Leadership and Policy in Schools (USA), Journal of Education (Switzerland), Journal of Education and Research (Pakistan), and editorial review board of Leadership and Policy Quarterly (US) and many more.


Research Projects


Saeeda's teaching interests range includes educational leadership and management, leadership development, Islam and education, cross-cultural research, managing diversity/ethnicities, and culture, gender and power issues. 

Saeeda also offers lectures/session for visiting international faculty.

Selected Publications

Shah, S. (2015) Education, Leadership and Islam: Theories, discourses and practices from an Islamic perspective. Routledge.  http://www.amazon.com/Education-Leadership-Islam-discourses-perspective-ebook/dp/B010VJ8VQO ).Islamic

Shah, S. (2014) Islamic Education and the UK Muslims: options and expectations in a context of multi-locationality. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 33(3) 233-249.

Shah, S. (2013) ‘Islam, Education and Gender: discourses and practices among Pakistani Diaspora in the UK’;  Chapter 16, pp.241- 252 in Z. Gross, L. Davies and K. Diab (eds) Gender, Religion and Education in a Post-modern Chaotic World. Springer Publishers.

Shah, S. (2012) ' Muslim Schools in the West: persistence or resistance'. British Journal of Religious Education.

Shah, S. (2011) 'Pakistani Diaspora in Britain: intersections of multi-locationality and girls’ education'. British Journal of Sociology of Education, Vol. 32.

Shah, S. (2009) ‘Impact of Societal Culture on Practice: people management in colleges in Pakistan’. Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Practice; 24(2) 4-18.

Shah, S. (August, 2009) Muslim Learners in English schools: a challenge for school leaders’, Oxford Review of Education; 35(4) 523-540.

Shah, S. (June 2009) ‘Why Single-Sex Schools? Discourses of culture/faith and achievement’. Cambridge Journal of Education; 45(2) 191-204.

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