Year in Industry Programme

We are excited to be able to offer you the fantastic opportunity to participate in a ‘Year in Industry’ degree programme. Course restrictions may apply.

What does the 'Year in Industry' degree programme involve?
Why might I want to participate in a Year in Industry?
Who can apply?
How do I apply?
What types of role have students on a Year in Industry entered?

What does the 'Year in Industry' degree programme involve?

A ‘Year in Industry’ will involve you undertaking a year of full-time paid work in a suitable internship between year 2 and year 3. If you are accepted onto the programme you will be responsible for securing an internship placement. Being accepted onto the programme does not guarantee you access to an internship.

Guided sessions include:
1) Introduction to the scheme
2) Researching placement opportunities
3) Making successful applications
4) Effective interview techniques
5) Preparing for my placement

Your placement can be anywhere in the United Kingdom. The level of salary will depend on each individual company but placements should provide you with a living wage and/or compensation that will ensure you are able to meet your living costs throughout the year. Most internship placements are from 9 - 12 months in duration.

Whilst on placement you will receive support in the form of a visits from a dedicated Academic Tutor and a Placement Support Officer. You will be expected to complete a reflective blog, a written report and deliver a presentation as part of your Year in Industry. At the end of the placement students will resume their final year of study. On successful completion of your studies and the programme you will receive your degree ‘with a Year in Industry’ on your academic transcript. E.g. "BA Economics with a Year in Industry".

Sample Timeline:
2017/18 - First year of studies
2018/19 - Second year of studies - prepare for and apply for placements alongside your studies
2019/20 - Work full time in placement (9 - 12 months)
2020/21 - Return for Year Three of your studies

Why might I want to participate in a Year in Industry?

There are many good reasons for considering undertaking the 'Year in Industry' degree proEarn and Learngramme. Here are just a few:

  • Development of key employability skills that graduate employers seek.
  • Increased understanding of the application of your academic discipline.
  • Help ensure your CV and applications stand out from the crowd.
  • A chance to road test your career options.
  • Increase your employer networks.
  • Gain life experience and confidence.

Who can apply?

The ‘Year in Industry’ is open to BA and BSc Economics students on all of the degree streams except the BA/BSc Economics and Accounting. You must have achieved a weighted average of 55% or above, and no failures in the first year of your studies. You must maintain your academic success throughout year 2. 

This programme is unfortunately not available to you if you are undertaking a joint degree. You are also unable to complete a Year in Industry if you have chosen to complete an ERASMUS/Study Abroad year.

The fee for a year in industry is 15% of the full-time tuition fee that applies in that year.

How do I apply?

If you wish to apply for the Year in Industry degree programme, you will need to meet the entry requirements as stated above.

Students meeting the entry requirements and entering their second year of study will be invited to complete an online application. You will be asked to submit a CV and a personal statement to support their application.

The final decision on the selection of candidates will be based on:

  1. Academic performance
  2. Demonstration of employability skills and commitment in the CV and personal statement

What type of roles have students on a Year in Industry entered?

Student placements for this year have included:

  • Civil Service Analytical placements with NHS Pensions
  • Placement with Accounts/Payroll at General Electric
  • IT Analyst role at Xoserve

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