Student Support and Development Opportunities

We believe that you come to university for more than just a degree and therefore will support you to achieve your potential throughout your studies and beyond.

There are numerous opportunities which can help you to develop your career and broaden your horizons. Many of these are fun and rewarding projects that can also have a positive impact on your academic progress.

Work Experience and Internships
Links with Employers
Student Support
Networking and Societies
Leicester Award
Graduate recruitment advice
Project work
Peer Mentoring
Study in China

Work Experience and Internships

Internships are a valuable way to both improve your employability and help give depth to your studies. Workshops are available to help with the process of obtaining a work placement, as well as one to one support where it is required.

We are now able to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to undertake a year of full-time work in a suitable internship between Year 2 and Year 3. This is known as the Year in Industry degree programme.


Volunteering can help you get valuable experience, let you road test a career and broaden your network of friends. On top of this it can also be very rewarding and fun.  The university offers lots of advice and information about volunteering opportunities and those that do volunteer can apply to complete the Volunteering Award.

Networking and SocietiesEnactus Logo

Events organised by the university and the student societies offer the opportunity to network with local and national employers, including top graduate recruiters.

There are a number of different Economics and Finance societies at the University including The University of Leicester Economics SocietyEnactus and The Leicester University Finance Society, to name but a few.

Leicester Award

The Leicester Award is a personal skills development programme which recognises and adds value to the activities you engage with outside your degree. The award helps you to reflect upon the skills you are developing, communicate your achievements, and investigate your desired career pathway.

Leicester Award LogoThe Leicester Award is recognised on your final academic transcript and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), which provides clear evidence of your commitment to developing yourself above and beyond your degree studies.

Talent Academy - Employability Programme (for first years)

First year students participate in our Employability Programme. The programme includes interactive workshops designed to develop students' awareness and skills in areas such as teamwork, leadership, communication skills, decision making and presenting to others. Working with a well-known employer, students undertake a business game scenario which gives them a taste of the graduate recruitment process. Whilst we don't expect first year students to know what they want to do after graduation, we do know that engaging early in thinking about their strengths, personal values and potential career aims is key to helping students achieve their dreams. The Employability Programme aims to do just that.

Graduate Recruitment AdviceCareer Development Service logo

Information, advice and guidance is available to assist you with the graduate job application process. We have dedicated in-house careers staff who work closely with the University’s award winning Career Development Service to make sure you get support to achieve your aspirations. 

The Career Development Service is also available on campus to students for help, guidance and support. The School’s dedicated in-house Career Development Manager works closely with the University’s Career Development Service to make sure you get support to achieve your aspirations.

Find out the types of roles some of our previous graduates have progressed into.

Project work

There are opportunities to undertake project work with student societies and employer lead organisations. In some modules students are also given the opportunity to work in small groups to complete the coursework component part of their modules.

This year in particular the Department has been working with Career Development Service and EU Careers in running a competition for undergraduate students called EU Careers Economic Challenge 2013. Students have been working together in small groups to produce a report and presentation answering the question "What should the EU do to ensure sustainable growth and jobs for the future?". The prize for the winning team is a two-day study trip to Brussels where they will present their ideas to EU policy-makers.

The Department of Economics is delighted to house 12 Bloomberg terminals. These terminals are housed in the University Library IT Room 2 for students to use. Students also have the opportunity to enter in groups the Bloomberg Investment Competition which this year two of our MSc Financial Economics students won!

Links with Employers

Over the years we have developed a number of successful relationships with employers which allow us to include creative projects in our curriculum.

Our Dissertation students are offered the chance to win £200 in an unusual presentation competition. Up to 10 students volunteer each year to have their dissertation presentations filmed, uploaded to the web and then observed by graduate employers. These students (and their peers) then benefit from feedback that helps them to succeed in their final presentations and in subsequent recruitment. It is also an excellent way for students to ensure they really stand out in the graduate labour market.

Students taking Econometrics in their final year will complete a project as part of their academic work. We have an established partnership with the well regarded advertising and media agency MediaCom. MediaCom visit the department each year to present students with an insight into the business application of econometrics. When students' projects have been assessed MediaCom receive the best of the submissions and invite their preferred candidates to compete for a coveted internship!

Peer MentoringPeer Mentoring

Peer mentoring can help you to achieve your personal, academic and career goals. Peer Mentoring gives new students (the mentees) the chance to meet with established and experienced students (the mentors) to discuss various topics relating to their experience at university. Small groups of mentees are matched with mentors and will be expected to meet periodically (once every week or two) between October and February. Topics ranging from coursework, societies, shopping, student support services and careers; anything that relates to the student experience. In your 2nd or 3rd year at university, you too can return the favour by acting as a peer mentor.

Student Support

If for any reason you are struggling with your studies or are experiencing personal problems the department offers a wide range of support to its students.

We offer a Study Support Service which you can access. Some students may require extra help with maths, writing essays or presentation skills. Support staff are available to discuss your problems in an initial 10 minute consultation after which extra time will be allocated according to the you needs and availability of support staff.

Study in ChinaOlympic Park.jpg

Primarily managed by the University of Manchester, the Study China Programme offers students a unique opportunity to experience Chinese life, culture, language and business.

Here you can read about the experience from the perspective of one of our current students.

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